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We are currently in the process of fitting out Changing Lives new office premises in Gateshead on the Team Valley Trading Estate. Changing Lives are a national charity that helps 16,000 vulnerable and socially excluded people to change their lives for the better each year.

They are due to move into a premises previously owned by Global Media which housed the studios for the radio stations Heart, Capital and Classic FM.

They identified the building due to it’s size, allowing them the extra room to house their new central office. It’s location, with it not being far from their existing offices and for it’s prominence at the front of the trading estate, making it easier for visitors to find.

‘First of all it made sense to purchase a building rather than keep on leasing. The office where we are working now is getting too small for the expansion plans. We have more staff coming on board so we needed a bigger office and this building was ideal due to it’s location’ said Changing Lives Asset Manager Owen Williamson.

You really can’t miss their new premises as you drive towards the estate, with their bright pink and purple Changing Lives logo meeting you square on, you can tell this is an important factor for Owen, ‘It’ll be nice to no longer have to say to visitors, drive north down Dukesway and turn left at the white Chinese takeaway van’.

But before we could make a start on implementing Changing Lives new facilities, we needed to strip out all of the previous radio studios and their soundproofed walls. ‘It was occupied by a radio station, which meant there was a lot of reconfiguration to do, however it wasn’t until we got into the building that we realised how much work was necessary’.

This is something that we here at Nexus specialise in, along with our office mezzanine floor solutions. Completely overhauling office premises, making them unrecognisable from before and this project certainly required that.

We stripped the facilities back to the plaster walls and removed all the suspended ceilings and lighting too. This allowed the room required to implement the new office. We have reconfigured some of the existing glass partitioning in the building to create the new Director’s offices and meeting rooms. We have also repainted them to match Changing Lives brand colours.

Overall the project involves the creation of two large open plan office areas, four meeting rooms and directors offices, three brand new kitchen areas (one large and two small), two training rooms, an IT suite, reception and the refurbishment of the building’s existing WC facilities.

We are installing brand new suspended ceilings and lighting throughout the building, designed to suit the desk layout in each room. We are supplying all new power and data requirements including floor boxes. The building is receiving an air conditioning system throughout and we are carrying out full decoration including new carpets.

As Asset Manager, Owen Williamson will only be able to relax once the project is complete ’The satisfaction I will get, is when I see all the staff sitting at their desks in the new office and I’m looking forward to completion’. With around four weeks to go, he doesn’t have long to wait and we are looking to move Changing Lives into their new premises by the end of the month. 

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for the case study of the project once it’s complete because we are looking to grab a few words with Changing Lives CEO to get his thoughts on the project.


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