One of our latest projects brings Nexus to Airport City in Manchester, where we are starting work this week on an office mezzanine floor solution for one of the biggest dance retailers in Europe. Move Dance sell dance wear to over 110 countries worldwide and have been providing dancers with their shoes and clothes for over a decade now.

Move Dance are ready to take the next step in their business development and to do so, require more office space within their warehouse. Their existing mezzanine floor is no longer sufficient, so they contacted us through our website to see what solution we could provide them with.

We are adjoining the new 278 square metre office mezzanine floor to their existing mezzanine and creating a knock through to provide easy access. The new mezzanine will provide an open plan office space for 36 employees, three meeting rooms, a gym and a photo booth for Move Dance’s marketing activities.

We are also creating two open voids within the suspended ceiling to look through to the warehouse roof lights. This will add even more light to the office and will be a nice feature of the new modern office space.

We are implementing each and every aspect of the project, from the partitioning, furniture and flooring through to the electrical, plumbing, power and data requirements. The project is due to take 16 weeks to complete and we will be looking to provide updates throughout the project and film a case study with a representative from Move Dance on completion of the project.

If your business is in a similar situation to what Move Dance found themselves in and you require additional office space within your warehouse, we can help. We are the experts at designing and building mezzanine floor spaces that work.


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