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We are currently half way through our office partitioning project for the specialist IT recruitment consultancy BPM Tech who are based in Brighouse. They offer tailored recruitment services to both businesses who are looking to fill a vacancy and potential candidates who are looking for their next job role.

BPM Tech are looking to expand over the next few years and the first step on that journey was the renting of a first floor office that was larger than their current facilities. With customers and staff in mind, BPM Tech located their new premises, literally across the road from their existing office, which minimised the amount of disruption caused to their employees.

The new first floor was a large open plan area and needed partitioning installed before BPM Tech moved in. We found BPM Tech when researching the top growing companies in the West Yorkshire Region. We called them and discovered that they were looking to move premises and required our services.

So Matt and Ben invited Nexus in to discuss their requirements for the new space, because they wanted to not only create a meeting room within the open plan office but also a brand new kitchen area too.

As this was the first move of this kind that BPM Tech were undertaking, we guided them through the whole process. Ensuring that all Building Regulations were met with the design and providing them with a layout drawing for their new office.

The new open plan office needed to be larger to accommodate the new members of staff that will be joining the growing company. Whilst the partitioning used for the meeting room, needed to be soundproofed to ensure private conversations didn’t travel through the walls.

BPM Tech are looking forward to moving into their new space and continuing to move their business forward.

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