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Our latest mezzanine floor project brings us to Burnley, where we are implementing a storage and production mezzanine floor installation for the UK’s largest window and door system manufacturers Veka.

For over 40 years since their inception in Germany, Veka have been known to provide the very best in PVC-U window profile systems. Their company growth has been substantial since those early days, even hitting one billion in turnover in 2016. Veka are going from strength to strength and as part of this growth they have purchased a new warehouse that requires a mezzanine floor solution.

They identified an empty warehouse on their industrial estate as the ideal location to house a new production facility. However, they wanted to make the most of the available space and that’s why they began to look into the possibility of the installation of a mezzanine floor solution.

By installing a mezzanine floor they could double the amount of production lines within the warehouse and also create storage space. So they began to look online for a mezzanine floor specialist to provide them with the design and build solution that they were looking for.

Once they got into contact with us, we visited site to really understand their needs for the new space. We discovered that they wanted to accommodate both heavy machinery and pallets weighing a tonne on top of the mezzanine.

With this weight load, we needed to test the warehouse floor to check whether it could take the proposed loads. We implemented a concrete slab core test, which involves the process of removing a small section of the warehouse floor and subjecting it to high weight loads to see if it would sustain it.

The test unfortunately proved that the concrete floor wouldn’t be able to take the proposed weight loads. However there is a process called piling, which can be implemented in cases like these to strengthen the warehouse floor.

This is something that Veka wanted to go ahead with. The process involves the removal of the concrete floor in small circles at the proposed load points of the new mezzanine and then filling the holes in with new strengthened concrete that can withstand the new weight.

This process was completed last week and the time has now come to deliver the mezzanine to site and begin construction. The project also involves the installation of partitioning to create a small office space and a meeting room for Veka’s employees.

A pallet gate is being installed to facilitate the loading and unloading of the pallets onto and from the mezzanine floor. Also with the size and use of the mezzanine floor (People working on top and below) the floor requires fire rating, which we will also be implementing.

We offer a full turn key solution to all our clients, which involves all aspects of the project including electrics, plumbing, flooring, partitioning and much more. However there are times when a client wants to use a different contractor for certain aspects and this is one of those occasions. We have and we will continue to work with their chosen electrician to implement that aspect of the project in the most efficient manner possible.

The project is due to take four weeks to complete and once the installation is complete, Veka will have a new production facility over two floors that will help them to continue their success into 2019 and beyond.

If your business is growing and nearing the stage where you need to expand your premises, have you considered a mezzanine floor solution to your additional space requirements? Here at Nexus, we are the mezzanine specialists. Whatever your requirements, we’ve no doubt already carried them out. So you’ll be in experienced hands.

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