Our production and storage mezzanine floor project for Computer Disposals Limited is complete and they now have the space required to grow their business further.

At the start of the project we set up our time lapse camera to capture the project in it’s entirety. From the initial steels going up through to the knock through and power benches being constructed.

CDL have been at this premises now since 2016 and we initially worked with them to fit out their entire warehouse before they moved in. That project involved an office & storage mezzanine floor, warehouse lighting, floor paint, a jumbo wall and much more.

However as time passed they realised they needed even more space to keep up with demand. A new hard drive wiping area needed to be created, so through the installation of a mezzanine floor within their warehouse, we have created this space for them.

They also wanted the new space to adjoin to their Ebay sorting centre, so we created a knock through once the mezzanine was erected. The project also involved the installation of suspended ceiling and lighting below the mezzanine along with all power requirements for the new power desks.

The project took around seven weeks to complete and we carried out the work around CDL’s business operations as it was imperative that it didn’t affect them at all. Computer Disposals Limited are now profiting from the benefits that the mezzanine floor solution has brought them.

If your business is looking to make the most of your warehouse space, look no further than us here at Nexus. We are the experts in making mezzanine spaces that work.


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