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The warehouse fit out, storage and office mezzanine floor project for the textiles firm Laxtons, has entered it’s seventh week. Laxton’s have identified the brand new Baildon Business Park as the ideal location for them to take their business to the next level.

Their warehouse premises has only recently been built and they approached us here at Nexus to come in and completely fit out the premises to their specification. Many warehouse premises are now built to be an empty shell, allowing the new tenants to mould them to their needs.

This is what we here at Nexus specialise in, an empty canvas where we can meet with businesses, discuss their needs, survey the space, design a solution and then implement the project. Managing each aspect of the project along the way.

As with many of our clients, this was the ideal solution for Laxtons’, as it allows Managing Director, James Laxton to concentrate on running the business at their current premises and arranging the other aspects of the move.

This week we arranged to conduct a meeting on site, between our Sales Director and Operations Director, David and Mathew respectively and James Laxton. This was to not only give him an update on how the build is progressing and the upcoming works. But also to once again talk through the 20th March partial handover date.

This is when Laxtons’ will begin to move across their machinery from their existing premises. The project will still have around six weeks to go at this stage. However we will then be working on implementing the office facilities on top of the mezzanine floor, allowing Laxtons the space to move their machinery into place.

We will be filming a video case study once the project is complete, featuring an interview with James Laxton himself. To see our previous updates from the project, check our news section on the website and of course our Youtube channel.

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