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Since their inception in 1989, Aerocool have been providing a refrigeration service to businesses throughout the UK. They originally traded as a refrigeration company only in the 1990’s until they moved into the air conditioning market. This allowed them to start providing an all round refrigeration service to their clients, which brings us to today.

After many years at their current premises in Burscough, Lancashire the offices were looking tired and in need of an overhaul. What actually kick started the project to finally get going was our Sales Director David Newsome paying a visit to their premises.

Aerocool have worked with us for many years now as one of our air conditioning partners and Tony Hafez, a Director at Aerocool asked David his honest opinion on the facilities, during a meeting. David described them as a ‘rabbit warren’ and Tony completely agreed, prompting discussions to take place regarding the fit out of their premises.


Aerocool didn’t want to move premises, however they wanted to utilise the space they had, far better than they already were. Their premises had got to the point that many working offices do. Furniture, carpets and walls looking tired and more or less all aspects of the office requiring a revamp.

Due to the fact that Aerocool needed to continue working whilst the works were carried out, the project needed to be completed in stages. First up, was the ground floor works, so all employees moved onto the first floor. We created a waiting area for visitors at the entrance to the building, where there was previously a storage area. This has been moved upstairs in the new design.

We’ve installed glass partitioning on the right as you walk into the building, allowing visitors to see into the open plan office. The brand new open plan office we’ve created was needed because, Aerocool previously had departments that needed to work together, split between the two floors due to a lack of space. The new layout allows them to work closely together and has already improved the productivity of Aerocool’s employees. There is also a small breakout area, ideal for working alone or small meetings between the departments when working on a project together.

Previously, Aerocool had a standalone kitchen that was too small for their needs. So we created an open plan kitchen that’s incorporated into the open plan office. This is ideal for their employees to get together for a coffee and an informal chat during the day. The staircase required an overhaul too and is considered by Tony as his ’favourite part of the project’. We removed the existing staircase and replaced it with a satin stainless steel finished staircase. The results are fantastic and as you climb the stairs you see how improved the new first floor is.

Comprising a directors office, conference room, finance directors office and storeroom, the first floor is quite the transformation. As on the ground floor, the use of glass partitions with integral blinds frames the new layout and the black and grey check carpets combine nicely with the white walls and oak doors.

The offices are given even more character with the addition of  Tony and Ian’s Everton memorabilia that they have collected over the years. The new conference room is ideal for Aerocool’s employees to conduct internal meetings and to invite clients in to discuss projects and showcase what they can do.

“We’re now very proud of the facilities that we’ve got. It’s going to help us to up the bar and make ourselves a much more professional company. “

Aerocool Staircase
Aerocool Boardroom


‘My favourite part of the project is the stairs. Matt from nexus insisted that we go down that route and I have to say it’s my favourite bit of the project so well done Matt, thank’s for that one.’

‘We’ve worked with Nexus for four or five years prior to getting involved with the refurbishment works. So we already had a close relationship with the directors which was good.Once we became the client we didn’t want to work with anybody else because we had seen what Nexus has done for clients first hand.’

‘All in all it’s been a pleasure working with Nexus. The attention to detail and the quality of the work has been superb.’ Tony Hafez, Director, Aerocool

Aerocool Office Refurbishment New Stairs
Aerocool Kitchen


We have transformed Aerocool’s premises completely and the ‘rabbit warren’ like offices are long gone. Their different departments can now work closely together to ensure that Aerocool’s growth continues.

‘With the old premises we weren’t really that keen on asking clients to come and have a look at us and things like that because it wasn’t really what we wanted them to see. But now obviously we’re very proud of what we’ve got so there will be a lot of invites going out to a lot of companies.’ – Tony Hafez, Director, Aerocool.

We wish Tony and everyone at Aerocool all the best with the future. If your premises is starting to look tired and in need of a spruce up, we can help. We have helped many businesses both large and small to make the most of their space.

“I would certainly recommend Nexus to anybody else that would like to use them. The attention to detail was fantastic, it was all spot on. We're certainly one happy customer.”

Tony HafezManaging Director, Aerocool

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