Industrial interior fit out for the UK's leading supplier of high tech materials to the aerospace, defence, energy and electronics industries.


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Pexa Ltd are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high tech materials to the aerospace, defence, energy and electronics industries. These materials include aircraft maintenance products, application equipment and surface finishing materials.

Pexa’s operations had been slowly growing for some time and the time had come to look at a new premises. They required both a bigger warehouse and office facilities. In the Autumn of 2015, Pexa identified and moved into a new premises in Halifax that provided them with just that.

However the warehouse facilities required an industrial interior fit out to ensure that they were suitable for Pexa’s business operations. Pexa began the search for a contractor that would design and implement the warehouse fit out to their requirements.


Pexa’s project involved the creation of a new explosion proof paint manufacturing room at one end of their warehouse, with storage racking systems populating the rest of the warehouse space. A brand new coat of floor paint was applied before any of this work commenced however.

The explosion proof paint manufacturing room was created through the installation of partitioning, suspended ceilings and brand new lighting. Pexa also wanted a new kitchen and breakout space that would allow the office and production staff to mingle and enjoy their lunch together. This new kitchen space was created on the ground floor and we installed brand new flooring, tables, a sink, cupboards and all electrical requirements.

“We now have a facility that we’re proud of and it meets all of our needs.”

Pexa Kitchen
Pexa WC Areas


‘We considered contracting separately for all the different elements of the project. But that would have included a lot of work and we did prefer to use a single contractor for it. Nexus were capable of managing the project and competitively priced when compare to other turn key providers’

‘Using seperate contractors would have engaged us into a lot of extra work and by using Nexus as the Principal Contractor it was not only cheaper, but also saved us a lot of stress.’

‘Nexus are a very professional firm and when we acquired the building we called them and Cliff was our initial point of call. He stuck with us through numerous changes to the project and he has been a good egg from start to finish. It’s been an enjoyable experience working with Nexus’ Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director, Pexa Ltd

Pexa Racking
Pexa Floor Paint


Pexa now have the larger premises that they required. The office facilities are ideal for their team and the warehouse is large enough for all their stock and manufacturing needs.

‘We now have a facility that we’re proud of and it meets all our needs, we hope to be here for another ten years and if we were to do the project again, I don’t think we could change anything that we did. We’ve enjoyed working with Nexus and I’m happy to recommend them to any potential customers.’ – Jim Rowbotham, Managing Director, Pexa Ltd

We wish Jim and everyone at Pexa Ltd all the best for the future. If your business is looking to move into a new premises and it requires a commercial or industrial fit out before you move in, we can help. Making space is what we do.

“Nexus are a very professional firm. We now have a facility that we're proud of, we've enjoyed working with Nexus and I'm happy to recommend them.”

Jim RowbothamManaging Director, Pexa

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