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For over 20 years, chartered accountants Kirkwood Wilson have been helping businesses with their accounts from their office in Southport. However due to company growth and a desire to improve the communication between team members within the company, they looked to move premises.

Their premises in Southport were not ideal for their team to work together due to the layout. Their office premises were inside a converted house and as such there were no large open plan areas that of course aid communication and cooperation.

Therefore they wanted to relocate to a premises that could give them exactly that. After searching for a building, they actually came across an empty warehouse on the Burscough Industrial Estate that would allow them to design the offices exactly how they wanted them with the use of a mezzanine floor.


The office mezzanine floor and fit out project for Kirkwood Wilson involved not only the creation of the office facilities both above and below the mezzanine, but also the preparation works to ensure the building was ready for the works to take place. The first step in the project was to build a breeze block wall in the middle of the warehouse to separate it into two individual spaces. One for Kirkwood Wilson and the other for their sister company to fit out at a later date.

Once that was complete, the mezzanine floor construction could begin. Below the mezzanine floor we created a large open plan reception and waiting area which gives the premises a nice open feel for visitors when they walk into the building. Also on the ground floor we created a large boardroom, which is ideal for Kirkwood to use when talking with clients and also when conducting training sessions with their employees.

Caroline Wilson, the company’s Managing Director also has an office on the ground floor along with the WC and kitchen facilities. Upstairs on the mezzanine is the large open plan office space that houses the majority of Kirkwood Wilson’s employees. This is where Kirkwood have been able to achieve what they set out to do when moving premises, all their different departments working together in one space. Ensuring the communication that was lacking in their previous premises could now take place and help them to push Kirkwood Wilson forward even more.

Along with the open plan office, Director Daniel Wilson’s office was created upstairs. A breakout area which is ideal for quiet working or small meetings is situated next to Daniel’s office, whilst another kitchen area and a store room completes the mezzanine floor facilities.

One of the other challenges of the build was the removal of a roller shutter door and creating a glass frontage entrance to the building, along with new windows. This was imperative to ensure natural sunlight reached the office space. The result is fantastic and has transformed the building exterior.

We also completed works outside the building to build a ramp leading to the entrance for disabled access and created a car park for their employees. Whilst we implemented all electrical and plumbing requirements for the project and completed the works on time and on budget.

“I never thought I’d say that it’s been a pleasure to work with a firm of builders, but in actual fact the whole process has been really enjoyable. I really cannot fault the whole process and I don’t say things like that lightly.”

Office Mezzanine Floor Staircase
Reception At Kirkwood Wilson


‘I never thought I would say the words that it’s been a pleasure to work with a firm of builders. But in actual fact, the whole experience has been enjoyable.We originally designed the premises in draft format and then we struggled to find people who understood exactly what we wanted. One of the most impressive pieces of paper that I’ve ever seen was the planning schedule that Nexus produced which was in infinite detail.’

‘Every one seemed to know what they were doing and on any day there was a number of tradesman all busy about their tasks. Matt was always on hand and always seemed able to answer any questions that we had.’

‘At no point was I made to feel that the questions I had were silly or not important and I think Nexus genuinely believe that if they were important to us they were important to them.’ Caroline Wilson, Managing Director, Kirkwood Wilson

Office Mezzanine Floor Boardroom
Office Mezzanine Kirkwood Wilson


Kirkwood Wilson’s new facilities have provided them with an office layout that has improved their business’ workflow and now encourages communication between the different departments. 

‘We spent a significant amount of time designing the offices exactly how we wanted it. Most importantly we were able to have a large open plan working area for our teams to work in so that communication between the teams would be improved. The new facilities are really a breath of fresh air for Kirkwood Wilson. They are light and airy and genuinely beautiful to work in.’

We would like to wish Kirkwood Wilson all the best with the future and the growth of their business. If your business is growing and you have outgrown your premises we can help. We specialise in making the most of your space, whether that’s your existing premises or a new one.

“I can honestly say, without a doubt I would recommend Nexus. I really can't fault the whole process and I don't say things like that lightly.”

Caroline WilsonManaging Director, Kirkwood Wilson

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