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Our cleverly designed small warehouse mezzanines are a flexible solution to creating that additional space you need without the expense of installing a full mezzanine floor.
Here are some of the ways a small warehouse mezzanine can be used in your premises…

Warehouse Operative Office


Small warehouse mezzanines are frequently installed in order to provide office space for warehouse managers or small teams. While you may have a larger office area within the building, sometimes you need a ‘man on the ground’ overseeing production or packing operations to keep things moving efficiently and to troubleshoot any problems. 

Our warehouse mezzanine offices can be positioned pretty much anywhere you require, enabling your supervisors/managers a bird’s eye view of the factory or warehouse floor from the most beneficial perspective. Especially in more expansive warehouse facilities, it’s not practical for team leaders to work in the main office area, so building individual ‘pods’ in strategic positions throughout the warehouse using these small mezzanine floors can be crucial to your productivity.

Canteen Mezzanine Floor


Aside from using them as offices, small warehouse mezzanines can also be purposed for a range of other facilities, depending on the size/layout of your premises and your requirements. Essentially whatever you can imagine using a small, separated mezzanine area for, our experts will be able to design and install it!

Small mezzanine floors can be used as internal self-contained units for locker rooms for employees or even shower facilities if you work with hazardous substances or in a FMCG environment. They can also be used for additional WC facilities which may be useful in larger warehouses, or even as canteens if you need to create space to feed your workers – if not a full canteen, small tea break facilities and some fridge space for storing lunches are also easily created with these mezzanines.

Small Office


There’s no limit to a small mezzanine office or ‘pod’ in terms of its uses, and our thorough consultation and survey process will ensure you have a solution that works seamlessly with your existing layout. Your small mezzanine floor can be used as a separate workshop area for specific parts of your manufacturing process.

This is a great idea for containing noise from loud machinery, and they can be fitted with workbenches, tool storage, repair stations and much more. They can also be purposed as store rooms for keeping production materials, valuable or hazardous stock organised and easy to reach for relevant staff. You can even use them to create small ‘break-out’ spaces, where colleagues can discuss projects or relax during their tea breaks. 

Small Office Mezzanine
Small Office Mezzanine Floor


When you’re looking to improve your premises, whilst you know it’s going to cost you money, you also need to know that it’s going to add genuine value to your business. 

A small warehouse mezzanine floor can provide a real return on investment – but there are plenty of other benefits you could realise too. Here are a few:


Small mezzanine offices don’t just get installed and that’s where they have to stay; they can be moved to a different position within your warehouse anytime your processes or requirements change. Even if you don’t need to move them, you can easily repurpose them for a different use if needed.

An office mezzanine can also be positioned over existing production lines or picking and packing areas, saving your valuable production floor space by placing your office or store ‘in the air’ for added convenience – or similarly, you can locate your office on the floor and use the mezzanine as storage space.


Compared to traditional construction methods, small mezzanines can be installed in a relatively short space of time, generally within 3-6 weeks from when we deliver the materials to site, to sign-off. This applies whether you need to reconfigure your current premises or you’ve moved into a blank warehouse space that you need to set-up.


As hubs for specific teams/managers, our small mezzanine offices can be designed to accommodate for a single warehouse or production manager, an open-plan office for a team/department, or even a team office space with a separate manager’s office constructed within. 


Your office or workshop mezzanine needs to be built to last, so we generally find that clients request steel partitioning systems, which are super durable, have a multitude of design configurations and, thanks to being manufactured off-site, are quick to install.


This is often one of the biggest benefits of small warehouse mezzanine offices, because in a busy operation, downtime costs money. You can rest assured that we will install your new facilities, safely, to your requirements and on time, ensuring minimal impact to your deadlines and bottom line.

Warehouse Manager Office
Small Mezzanine


When you work with Nexus Workspace, you’ll benefit from our extensive experience accumulated over hundreds of successful mezzanine projects. With every single step, from survey to sign-off, all taken care of by our own highly vetted and skilled team. 

While these mezzanines are quick to build, they can be personalised according to your aesthetic and practical requirements, with various door, partition and flooring options.

As turnkey mezzanine floor specialists, we take care of every single thing, keeping the process flowing smoothly and ensuring consistently high quality standards throughout:

  • Mezzanine flooring 
  • Staircases
  • Handrails
  • Partitions
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Flooring
  • Electrics – power, data and lighting
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation
  • Ceilings

You can learn more about the construction of your mezzanine floor and the various accessories available in our Mezzanine Flooring Guide.

Door & Partitioning Finishes


A successful project starts from the very first meeting and is a consultative process where we bring your vision together with our knowledge in order to design the most effective warehouse mezzanine office or small internal facilities for your exact needs. 

Of course every design and installation is unique, but we follow a tried and tested process to ensure that every project brings the best outcomes. 

Here’s a quick look at how a typical small mezzanine floor build unfolds to give you an idea – timescales and specifics will vary:

First stage – survey, consultation and design 

Our initial meeting will give you the opportunity to explain your needs and allow us to guide you through all the options and considerations. We’ll need to arrange a site survey to ensure we gather all the information we require for installation and cost calculations. 

In addition to taking a brief on the physical requirements, we’ll also discuss the practicalities of the build too, such as working areas, how space will be segregated, facilities we can use during the build (kitchens, WCs for our install teams etc.), skip locations, storage areas, how we’ll manoeuvre materials safely throughout the building and so forth.

For compliance and your complete confidence, we also create a programme of works, conduct risk assessments and develop method statements. We align our process according to safe build methods and have experience in acting as both Principal Designer and Principal Contractors too. 

Stage two – mezzanine floor build

Once the site is safe and ready to go, we’ll start installing the primary structure. This usually takes around one week and will include works such as:

  • Install mezzanine columns and purlins
  • Erect steels 
  • Lay decking
  • Apply fire rating including fascia and column cases
  • Start installing partitioning and insulation 

Stage three – main construction complete and ancillaries added

Usually moving onto the second week of construction, the main mezzanine build will be completed, and any staircases, lights and suspended ceilings will be installed. 

Stage four – services installed

Over the third week of construction, the windows, doors and ceiling are all in situ, and services such as power, data cabling and heating are installed. During this final stage, we also carry out all internal decorating to your specifications and lay your choice of flooring. 

Once everything has been checked, we’ll sign the project off, clean up the work area and leave you to enjoy your new warehouse mezzanine office/facility.

If you’d like to learn how the entire mezzanine flooring process works in more detail, check out our Nexsteps™.

Warehouse Office On A Mezzanine
Warehouse Manager Office Space


If you’d like to speak directly to one of our mezzanine flooring specialists, we’re always happy to have an informal chat so you can test our knowledge and decide if we’re the right potential partner for you.

We always provide clear and detailed quotes, completely itemised for transparency, and have a range of case studies available if you’d like to take a look at some of our previous projects.

To discuss your small mezzanine floor or the design and installation of a warehouse mezzanine office or alternative self-contained facility, please contact us here or use our online chat function for a fast response.