If your business requires additional office space within your new or existing warehouse, we can help. Our expertise is making office mezzanine floor space that work.

If you are looking to create office space within your new or existing warehouse, we can help. We offer a full design and build solution, taking care of every aspect of the project allowing you to concentrate on what’s important, running your business.

We’ll meet you at your premises, complete a survey and come back to you with a comprehensive design and quote that works within your budget. So whatever office facilities you require within your warehouse. From open plan offices and meeting rooms through to breakout areas and kitchens, we’ve got you covered.

From design through to installation, our expert team of designers, project managers and installers will ensure that your office mezzanine floor project is implemented on time, on budget and to spec.

With over 100 mezzanine projects designed and installed by Nexus over the last decade, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands.

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In order to provide an accurate design and quotation for your project we need to complete a site survey. This will allow us to determine what’s involved with the project and enable us to create a design which is in-line with your requirements and budget.

Our experts will visit your premises, measure your space and capture a brief from you, in regards to your ideas for the new office space. This process can take anywhere from one hour to one day, depending on what’s involved. All our surveys and quotations are free and without any obligation.

Extra care is taken in these challenging times and all our experts will be equipped with all the appropriate PPE in line with the guidelines set out by the government in regards to covid-19.


We specialise in design and build mezzanine floor solutions from the initial site survey through to the build of your new premises. Our team of expert designers, project managers and installers carry out each and every aspect of your project, allowing you to sit back and look forward to moving into your new office space.

On projects of this nature, you are required by law to employ a main contractor that is responsible for the design and build of your office space. This contractor must also ensure the health, safety and conduct of the sub-contractors working on the project. This is what we do and with our one stop shop solution, you can relax knowing that your project is in good hands and you’ve covered all your obligations from a health and safety perspective.


During your office mezzanine floor project, you will be assigned one of our experienced project managers who will be on hand to help you with any queries you may have during the project. They will ensure that your new office facilities are implemented safely, on time and to your budget.

On larger or more complex projects you will also be assigned a dedicated site foreman or site manager. They will ensure that your project runs smoothly on a day to day basis.


We have more than a decade of experience when it comes to delivering office mezzanine floor projects in a safe manner. We take the health and safety of all our employees and clients very seriously and we ensure that all health and safety processes and regulations are followed to the letter on all our projects.

So no matter if your project is taking place in an empty warehouse that you haven’t moved into yet or we’re installing around your employees in your existing premises, we’ll put plans in place to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.


All our projects are designed and installed with the strictest building regulations and health and safety practices in mind. You can rest assured that all the correct procedures will be followed every step of the way.

Before we submit our proposal and quotation to you, we make sure we receive approval from an independent building control officer. They are responsible for ensuring all aspects of the project conform with all relevant building regulations.

A lot goes into designing an office space and all health and safety aspects must be considered. The building control officer will ensure we have designed your new office mezzanine floor space with health and safety in mind.

On completion of your project, you will be issued with a certificate to confirm that your building conforms with building control and the building control officer will also attend site with the fire authorities to sign off the project.


A very important element that we’ve got covered. By law if you are undertaking a construction project that involves more than one contractor you need a Principal Designer and Contractor. We fulfil both these roles for you, allowing you to concentrate on your day to day tasks.

For any project that involves more than one contractor, you are required by UK law to appoint both a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor. Our vast experience fulfilling both roles, makes it easier for you.

We advise that you read about your responsibilities when it comes to undertaking a construction project for your business. The links to the official HSE guidance in regards to your obligations when it comes to appointing a Principal Designer and Principal Contractor are below.

Principal Designer

Principal Contractor



Whether you need an office for two or two hundred, we’ll design and create an office space that you’ll be proud of. From large open plan office spaces to partitioned office spaces and collaboration areas, we have the experience and knowhow to design and implement an office space that works for your company.

We provide each and every aspect of your office build from the partitions, ceilings and furniture through to all your flooring, lighting, power and data requirements.


Meeting rooms are an important space for collaboration and impressing any visiting clients. We’ll ensure that you’re looking your best whenever anyone comes to call.

With a number of stylish partitioning, furniture, flooring and decoration options available, your meeting room is sure to be a modern and comfortable space to come up with the next best thing and impress your clients.


Breakout areas have become an essential part of any office environment. The multi-functional spaces are ideal to host informal meetings, play computer games or provide a comfortable space to spend lunch times in.

They are proven to improve employee morale and they provide a flexible space that is sure to be an asset to any office.


An area that is often neglected when thinking about improving your office space, but why? Most days will include at least one trip to the bathroom, so why not make it a pleasant experience?

We offer clean and modern designs for every budget. From cost effective solutions through to higher spec designs, whatever your budget, we’ve got the solution for you.


First impressions are important and we’ll make sure you get off on the right foot with your clients. Our reception area designs are sleek, modern and include everything you need. From modern lighting options and branded desks through to comfortable furniture for your clients to use whilst they wait.


One of the most popular spaces in any office, whether that’s for a chin wag when making a brew or a relaxing space to take a break from work and eat your lunch. Whatever your budget may be, we have a number of kitchen ranges to choose from and if you’re looking to incorporate your brand colours, we can do that too.



The right office partitioning can completely transform your office space. Glass partitions can open up a space and provide your office with a real modern feel whilst solid partitions can provide that privacy that’s needed at times.

We also offer a variety of glass partitioning manifestations that allow you to show off your branding whilst also providing privacy to meeting rooms and offices.


We’ve got you covered when it comes to the flooring requirements on your new mezzanine floor. From vinyl and hardwood options for those new WC and kitchen areas, through to a variety of carpet options for your new office and meeting room space.

We’ll sit down with you and present you with various flooring samples to choose from. Or if you’d prefer, we can choose the right flooring for you and include it in our proposals.


We provide you with all aspects of your electrical, power and data requirements within your office mezzanine floor facilities. From office lighting and fire alarms through to data trunking and floor boxes to ensure you’re all powered up and good to go.


We provide all aspects of your office mezzanine floor project here at Nexus and that includes any plumbing requirements.

Our team of plumbers have years of experience when it comes to installing WC and kitchen areas of all shapes and sizes. With a variety of designs to choose from to suit any budget, you are sure to find the right solution to meet your needs.


Office furniture is such an important aspect of any office environment. It’s used daily by employees, so needs to be practical and comfortable to ensure that they are working to their best capabilities. So no matter what area of your office you need new furniture for, we’ve got you covered.

Whether that’s soft seating for breakout or reception areas, kitchen tables for lunch breaks or office desks for your team. We’ll ensure that your office mezzanine floor facilities are looking fantastic.


It’s important that you and your employees are comfortable when working, whether that’s in the dead of winter or the height of summer.

Our air conditioning and heating and ventilation systems are easy to use and customisable. So no matter if the heat is on or you’re snowed under, we’ve got you covered.

Meeting Room Partitioning
Audio Technica Breakout



Just as with any other building work, mezzanines must conform to current UK building regulations. To ensure that your mezzanine floor complies with these regulations, we work closely with an approved building inspector. This allows us to essentially ‘pre-approve’ your mezzanine floor application and then start construction as soon as the building notice has been submitted and acknowledged.

This process usually takes about a week. Then, once your mezzanine floor construction is complete, the inspector will visit your premises to ensure that it has been built with the agreed plans in mind and they will then sign it off and your certificate will be issued.

In regards to mezzanine floors that require fire rating, the building inspector will also be accompanied by a fire officer, allowing them to assess that the structure complies with fire safety regulations.


It’s very unusual for a mezzanine floor to require planning permission, but it is essential that they meet the relevant building regulations; BS5950 part 1 and BS6399 part 5. These regulations cover important safety features such as smoke detectors, fire escapes and protection.

Here at Nexus we have the experience and expertise when it comes to ensuring we meet the appropriate building regulations for your mezzanine floor project. No matter if you need additional office, storage or production space, when you use Nexus for your mezzanine flooring requirements, we guarantee that we’ll always comply with the latest regulations.