If you require additional office space within your warehouse, an office mezzanine floor is the perfect solution.
Office mezzanine floors are quick and easy to install, and they are extremely cost effective.  They give you the opportunity to create whatever office facilities you require within your warehouse. From open plan offices and meeting rooms through to breakout areas and directors’ offices…the possibilities are endless. We offer a full design and build service including all aspects associated with the project. All we need from you is a brief, and we’ll take care of the rest.



If your business is growing and you think the time has come to move premises…think again. Our production mezzanine floors can provide you with the additional production space you need, without the cost and stress associated with moving premises. Take advantage of the available space above head height within your warehouse and talk to us today about a production mezzanine floor solution. Our mezzanines can accommodate printers, machinery, production lines, conveyors, packing benches and much more.

Blackburn Storage & Office Mezzanine Floor
Storage Mezzanine Floor
Storage mezzanine floor in warehouse
Industrial Handrail


Organising a mezzanine floor construction project can be a stressful experience, that’s why here at Nexus, we’ve created our very own process called Nexsteps™. Our dedicated and simple five step process takes care of your project from the initial site survey right through to the build of your project.

VEKA Production Mezzanine Floor
Move Dance Office Mezzanine



We know that your warehouse space is extremely valuable. By installing a mezzanine floor you can maximise the space available to you, allowing your business to reach its full potential. Whatever you need; more office space, an area to stock products or even a place to house that piece of equipment that will take your business to the next level, a mezzanine is the ideal solution.

Mezzanines are also appealing to companies moving premises offering an excellent platform to build office space on. We have installed offices for 5-200 people including all the facilities you would expect from reception areas, WC, Kitchens, Meeting rooms and office space.


Mezzanine floors are independent structures that are not tied into the fabric of your building. The structures are free standing and extremely flexible. They can be designed around your existing floor plan, in an around existing machinery or racking layouts.

Whether its small production office or a full office block, we can design a space that works for you and your business. We also interior design the space as well, making sure your new office space matches to your company vision and brand.


With a mezzanine floor you can literally double your warehouse’s capacity in no time at all. No matter if you need more office space to cater for your expanding sales team, or somewhere to house your new production machines, you can have a mezzanine floor installed in no time at all.

Before long, you’ll be taking advantage of the new space we’ll create. Even a busy warehouse space we can create a programme that allows your business to function during the build. We can work shifts, weekend, nights, you name it, to keep your business functioning.


Choosing the correct size premises from the outset is a difficult thing to get right and its likely your business has grown at a fast pace or you need more space to be able to win that all important contract.  That’s where a mezzanine floor can save the day. By using the cubic volume of the warehouse, you can literally double (or even triple) your warehouses capacity.

This offers all sorts of benefits. By taking advantage of a buildings head height you can potentially reduce the size of the space you initially though you needed, it turn reducing overhead. Mezzanine floors can also be designed with future expansion in mind. As your business grows, your premises grows.


The uses for a mezzanine floor are endless. They can accommodate staff, stock or machines and are extremely adaptable. If you design the floor right, they can be used for varying things throughout the years. You may need additional office space now, but a couple of years down the line, you may need to change the layout for additional machines.

Whatever your needs, we’ll provide it. By listening and understanding your business and processes we will recommend a solution that offers maximise versatility so your business can be flexible in the future.


The expense associated with moving a business can be phenomenal. However a mezzanine may help your situation by allowing you to choose a smaller space, saving money on running costs, purchase prices/rent and rates.

At the very least, it can act as a stop gap, allowing your business to grow in your current premises whilst you search for the right building of a larger size. The beauty of a mezzanine is that it can be dismantled and taken with you, if you do move in the future.