Smart storage and warehouse mezzanine floor solutions that flex with your needs.

If you need a cost-effective way to utilise the space within your new business premises or to repurpose the facilities within your existing building, our storage and warehouse mezzanine floors will ensure you get a solution that works not just for now, but for the future too. 

One of the many benefits of warehouse and storage mezzanines is that like any mezzanine design, they’re ‘hybrid’ solutions. They can be adapted, adjusted and tweaked in-line with your business growth and development – providing you get the design right and make these considerations from the start.

Here at Nexus Workspace, our extensive experience has taught us how best to design your mezzanine flooring to cater and accommodate for these changing requirements. With an in-depth consultation, design and build process, we leave nothing to chance – providing you with a smart warehouse or storage mezzanine that’s been developed according to your specific needs.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Floor Within A Warehouse
Mezzanine Purlins
Storage Mezzanine Floor In Warehouse
Storage Mezzanine Floor
Storage Mezzanine Pallet Gate


If you want to use some of your warehouse space for storage, mezzanine floors can be set up to accommodate pretty much any need. Here are some of the primary uses for storage mezzanines to give you some ideas…


Mezzanine floors are perfect for businesses that are looking to solve a shortage of storage space through the addition of more shelving bays. They provide you with the opportunity to double the shelving space available to you, allowing you to store more products at any one time.

Mezzanine floors can accommodate shelving either below or above the mezzanine floor and due to their versatility, the ground floor columns can easily be incorporated seamlessly into a shelving layout. On the first floor, mezzanines can be designed to accommodate your shelving bays, which allows companies to move slower moving stock onto the mezzanine floor, in turn freeing up valuable floor space.

With a number of shelving options available, we can either design your mezzanine floor to accommodate your existing shelving units or we can incorporate brand new shelving options into our design – it’s entirely your choice. 


Mezzanine floors are a great solution for the storage of palletised goods. When combined with a pallet gate (a device designed to allow the safe loading and unloading of pallets onto a floor) your storage mezzanine can accommodate pallets with ease. Mezzanine floors are often installed for companies who need to store bulky items which can’t be organised with traditional racking systems.

By storing palletised goods on the mezzanine floor, it allows you to store your products without having to potentially double stack them on the ground floor. You can also easily access the pallets on the mezzanine, allowing picking locations to be created to speed up your production rate.

Storage mezzanine floors are typically designed to accommodate 500kg pallets every square metre. We can even design your mezzanine to accommodate heavier loads, although we would need to carry out load tests on your concrete floor first to ensure it can withstand the additional weight.


Our warehouse mezzanine floors aren’t just for storage either – they’re also ideal if your business requires additional packing or machinery areas. Mezzanines are very versatile and can be designed to take high weight loads, so no matter your business operations, we can help.

Often a storage mezzanine floor is designed for a hybrid of functionalities. Combining storage space on the mezzanine floor with picking and packing areas allows companies to really maximise their building’s potential. When you work with the right designer, they can also be designed to allow for changes in the future should you need to create workshops or office space as your business grows. 

We also have solutions to move your products on and off the mezzanine floor to help with production, from goods lifts and conveyors to various types of pallet gates. Whatever your production needs we can offer a design and installation that will suit your needs and budget.


In busy warehouse environments, it can pay to have a manager on hand should any issues arise and to keep a general eye on things. We can design your warehouse or storage mezzanine to include fully-fitted offices that overlook these busy areas of activity.


If your warehouse or industrial unit deals with manufacturing or other activities that require controlled, sanitised spaces, we can create fit-for-purpose clean rooms to ensure that the atmosphere and environment caters for your exact requirements.


It’s not just production, storage and office space you need to consider when designing your warehouse mezzanine – so our turnkey services also include the installation of toilet and shower facilities, lockers, kitchen spaces and canteens to meet your every need.

Storage Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Production & Packing Area
Mezzanine Floor Staircase
Mezzanine Floor Handrail


There are loads of benefits to installing a mezzanine floor in your industrial or warehouse unit. Here are a just few of the main reasons it’s worth considering for your business:

  • Opens up your space in 3D terms, allowing you to utilise cubic capacity and not just the 2D footprint.
  • Buy/rent a smaller space or prevent a move to larger premises, thus reducing your overheads.
  • Opportunities to further expand or repurpose to cater for adjusting requirements
  • Some warehouse mezzanines are exempt from business rates, allowing for more floor space at a lower cost.
  • Keep your ground floor clear for manufacturing and production.
  • Plan a more productive and efficient work-flow around your space.
Mezzanine Floor With Small Office
Mezzanine Floor Clean Room
Site Survey
Warehouse Mezzanine Build


With well over a decade of experience in the design and installation of warehouse and storage mezzanines, we’ve developed a robust and reliable process called Nexsteps™ to ensure everything stays on track throughout our partnership. 

You can learn more about our full mezzanine and fit out process here, but here’s a quick look at some of the key aspects of our service provision and process…


Once you get in touch, we’ll book an appointment for one of our experts to visit your premises, discuss your requirements and conduct a detailed site survey, which will take anything between an hour and a full day, depending on the size of your premises and your requirements. Our surveys are free of charge and without any obligation to proceed with the project.

Extra care is taken during these challenging times with the covid-19 pandemic. All our surveyors will be equipped with the appropriate PPE and will follow all government guidelines.


We have vast experience in designing warehouse and storage mezzanine floors for businesses both large and small. So whether you need the additional space to create more shelving space for smaller items or you require extra pallet storage, we’ll work closely with you to design the most suitable solution. 

We’ll consider every aspect of your business, its workflow, the weight of your products, the most efficient loading/unloading methods and potential future requirements – nothing is overlooked.


Once your design is finalised, we’ll create a detailed proposal with each and every cost itemised within your quotation, allowing you to see exactly what you’re paying for – because here at Nexus we believe that transparency is key.

The cost of a mezzanine floor is dependent on the size, use and facilities you need, but we promise great value and even lease/hire purchase options to ensure you can get the extra space you need, within your budget. 


During the pre-construction phase, you’ll be assigned your very own project manager who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have during the project and ensure that it’s implemented on time, safely and on budget.

Depending on the size of your project, you may also be assigned a site manager or site foreman. They’re assigned on our larger projects and will ensure that your project runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis.


We’ve already talked about building regulations, but it’s worth reiterating that every project we carry out adheres to these stringent standards along with all health and safety requirements. The safety of all involved is of utmost importance, and from the initial survey and design stage through to the build, health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do.

On completion of your project, you’ll be issued with your building control certificate and the building control officer will attend site along with the fire authorities to sign off the project.


For any project that involves more than one contractor, you’re required by law to appoint both a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor in writing. Here at Nexus, we have vast experience with acting as both, making the whole process easier for you.

We’ll be here to ensure that you meet all your legal requirements in regards to the HSE regulations, but please also take a moment to read the guidance on your obligations regarding Principal Designers and Contractors via the links. 


So if you need to expand your space but don’t want to spend a fortune on a move and you’re looking for a smart storage mezzanine or a warehouse mezzanine floor fitted with all the functions and features you need, get in touch with our friendly experts for an informal chat about your requirements.