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We look at five advantages that a mezzanine floor solution can bring to your business itself.

There are multiple advantages that a mezzanine floor installation can bring to your business. Especially when compared to other space creating solutions, such as a block and beam structure. They are more cost effective, easier to configure and there’s even the possibility of taking the mezzanine floor with you, if you were to move premises.

However, rather than talk about the advantages of a mezzanine structure itself in this piece such as their flexible and bespoke nature, we are going to concentrate on the advantages that installing a mezzanine floor can bring to your business operations instead.


Staff morale is often such an important factor in whether a business succeeds or not. There’s been plenty of studies into the correlation between happier employees and more productive employees, but really it just makes sense when you think about it. A happier team member is going to be more willing to go the extra mile for the business, often because they feel valued, important and that their needs are taken into consideration too.

We are all human at the end of the day and it’s unfair to expect your employees to be at their best, without the chance to recharge every now and then away from their desk. Not only that, but it’s also written into the health and safety regulations created by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), so it’s not something to be taken lightly. 

This downtime also often allows your employees to approach their tasks with a different perspective when they return to their desks and refocus on the task at hand. By utilising a mezzanine floor to create the space for your employees to unwind at lunch time or take intermittent breaks throughout the day, you can improve your staff morale and in turn, their productivity too. 

By creating a breakout space dedicated to providing a space for your team to unwind, you encourage your employees to leave their desks for lunch, catch up with their colleagues and take a real break from their busy workday. 

Some companies take this opportunity to also provide recreational games for their employees to take part in, such as pool and table tennis tables, dart boards, video game consoles or even old school video game cabinet’s. Whatever you think your staff will enjoy, feel free to provide it, they’ll thank you for it!

Another great way to improve staff morale is by improving the other welfare facilities within your premises, such as your WC and/or kitchen facilities. Especially if your team is growing and the facilities are no longer suitable for the number of employees using them or if they haven’t been improved in a number of years. As these areas get used a lot, it’s a good idea to freshen them up every once in a while. Nobody likes using ageing facilities and by sprucing them up, you’ll provide an immediate boost to your employees morale.

A mezzanine floor solution can provide you with the additional space you require to expand your welfare facilities or to create the breakout area that your business needs. 

Office Mezzanine Floor Within Warehouse
Office Mezzanine Floor Interior


During the Covid-19 pandemic, people were forced to work from home and conduct meetings remotely whenever possible, over video call. Whilst this was far from ideal, businesses made it work and in a lot of cases, employees are now fond of working from home. This is largely in part due to the reduction of distractions that used to be present in busy offices, the absence of commute times and the ability to potentially get some house chores done on their lunch break. 

With restrictions now all but gone, businesses have been returning to the office, but many of them recognise that the world has changed since the emergence of Covid-19. They realise that their employees can still be as, if not more productive in some cases, when working from home. So to accommodate that and provide a better work /life balance, many businesses are only requiring their employees to attend the office 1-3 days a week.

This has tipped the balance towards the workplace being seen more as a meeting and collaborative space, with the majority of the individual tasks being completed when employees are at home working. So why not take advantage of this and provide facilities that promote collaboration rather than hinder it.

By utilising a mezzanine floor to create additional meeting rooms and collaboration areas, you can encourage your employees to work together, especially if the new areas are designed to provide the best collaborative atmosphere. By working with an expert mezzanine floor designer, they can create the new space you need, without sacrificing any of your existing facilities. 

That’s the beauty of a mezzanine floor. You can situate your new facilities in the air, utilising the head space within your warehouse premises, allowing you to also take advantage of the space below the mezzanine to create whatever other facilities you require. So if you currently have a busy warehouse and you feel like you have no additional floor space to create a collaborative space for your employees, think again. 

You can even knock through any existing walls within your premises, to adjoin the new mezzanine floor space to your existing office facilities. Providing you with a seamless solution that’s up and running in no time. 

The possibilities with the space are almost endless. Take advantage of modern meeting pods that muffle out external noise, implement writable walls to enable creativity to flow freely or even conduct impromptu meetings over a game of pool or table tennis. By utilising the flexibility that a mezzanine floor can bring, you can take advantage of the space within your premises that you aren’t using and create a collaborative area for your employees to thrive.

Collaboration Area For Employees
Breakout and Kitchen Space


There comes a time when businesses outgrow their premises, this is when you may look to move elsewhere to a larger premises to provide you with the additional space that you need. However, by taking advantage of a mezzanine floor, you can create the additional space that you require, without the costs and stress involved with relocating your business.

This allows you to expand your business and increase your profits in a much more cost effective way. For example, if you are growing your office based team, but don’t have the space for their desk positions or the additional production lines you would also require when growing your production team, then by installing a mezzanine floor, you can create these facilities without losing the existing ground floor space. Allowing you to either build the new facilities above or below the mezzanine and then situating what you currently use the space for, within the opposite available space. 

Thus, creating new facilities within the footprint of your premises, without having to sacrifice your existing facilities, it’s a great solution that many businesses are taking advantage of. Sometimes that next piece of equipment could also help to take your business to the next level or enable you to provide a different type of service or product to your clients. A mezzanine floor is the perfect solution for this too, as they can handle heavy weight loads and can be installed with all the required power that your new machinery may need.

Another situation where a mezzanine floor can help to increase your profits and make your business workflow smoother is by providing you with some much needed storage space. For example, if you have a client who requires a large bulk order of your products at different points throughout the year, by taking advantage of a mezzanine floor, you can keep a steady production line and store those products on the mezzanine so that they’re ready when your client comes calling. Rather than having to rush around and potentially work overtime just to satisfy their order every time. Your employees will thank you too!

By removing the need to relocate, you can also increase your profits immediately by removing the possibility of increased mortgage repayment, rental payments and/or increased business rates that a relocation could bring. The only outgoing would be your initial cost for the mezzanine floor, which you can also spread the cost on, by working with a mezzanine floor contractor that offers finance options. When you take all this into consideration, you can see why many businesses are taking advantage of mezzanine floor solutions within their warehouse premises. 

Mezzanine Floor With Production Facilities
Storage Mezzanine Floor With Pallet Gate


One solution that many businesses look to when they are running out of storage space within their premises, is to pay external storage companies to store their products for them on pallets in lock up facilities. This enables them to free up space within their warehouse premises for other areas, such as office space or additional manufacturing lines. 

However, not only is this costing them money that they don’t need to be spending, but it’s also causing them a frequent logistical headache that can be avoided. Every time they require their products to be sent out on a delivery to their clients, they must first pay for them to be delivered to their warehouse. This is on top of the monthly cost that they have to pay for just storing them there.

They then have to ensure that their products will be delivered on time to them, for them to be able to turnaround any incoming orders that they have. They would much rather be able to store them within easy reach and by taking advantage of a storage mezzanine floor solution, they can do just that.

With their flexible nature, they can be designed around your warehouse layout, ensuring there is no negative impact on your business’ workflow, in fact, quite the opposite. If designed correctly, a mezzanine floor will enhance it. With multiple accessories available, such as pallet gates, product chutes, product lifts and multiple staircase options, you can ensure the design works for you.

By having the additional storage space available to you, you can also buy bigger and better. So for any items that you yourself may need to have delivered to you, you now have a place to store them. Allowing you to buy in bigger bulk, cutting down delivery costs and any logistical headaches that not having enough of those items on hand may bring to your business.

Additional Storage Space On Mezzanine
Mezzanine Floor For Storage Use


We all know that first impressions are important and when it comes to your business, It’s no different. The first impression is a lasting one and you want to do everything in your power to ensure it’s a positive one. Implementing a mezzanine floor solution within your premises can help you to achieve that.

This is because, one big advantage of installing a mezzanine floor based solution, is their bespoke and flexible nature. You could utilise one to create a welcoming reception area for your visiting clients to relax in, before your meeting or create a sleek and modern boardroom, complete with the latest audio and visual equipment, to really help set yourself apart from the competition. As mezzanine floors are a truly bespoke solution, no matter your business’ requirements, you can take advantage of a mezzanine floor to achieve them.

Another way to impress your visiting clients is by showcasing that the manufacturing side of your business is a well oiled machine. Installing a mezzanine floor, can help to take your business to the next level by providing you with the platform to increase your production capabilities and potentially offer something that your competition doesn’t.

For example, a mezzanine could potentially provide you with the opportunity to create a sound proofed room, finally giving you a home for that new piece of noisy equipment, that you’ve had your eye on, which will help you to expand your services. Or the installation of one could give you the opportunity to double your production capabilities by providing you with another floor to house more production lines. These are all positives in the eyes of your potential clients and can help them to make the decision to choose you, over your competition.

Think of a mezzanine floor as a window of opportunity for your business. They help you to create more space, without sacrificing any, for a fraction of the price of moving premises too. It’s a win-win situation for you and your business.

Reception Area
Mezzanine Floor Office

As you can see, there are multiple advantages to installing a mezzanine floor solution within your warehouse premises. From the increase in staff morale and your profits, right through to impressing your clients and ensuring that they choose you over the competition.

Here at Nexus, we’ve worked with multiple businesses of all shapes and sizes to help them not only increase the space available to them within their premises, but to also make the most of it too. Our design experts can help to transform not only your workplace, but how it works too, helping to take you to the next level. 

We’ll work with you every step of the way, from the initial survey and brief, right through to the installation and finishing touches, we provide a complete turnkey solution from start to finish and leave no stone unturned.

So if you are looking to make the most of your space, get in touch today, either by talking with one of our experts via our live chat option, filling in our contact form, emailing us at [email protected] or calling us on 0113 831 3303. We look forward to hearing from you.


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