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A real life case study detailing the thought process into how we design and construct a small storage mezzanine floor into a busy warehouse.

Every storage mezzanine floor requirement is different, and each project presents its own individual challenges from a design and implementation perspective. The article will give you an insight into the thought process behind a project where we have just installed a small storage mezzanine into a fully operational warehouse.

Storage Mezzanine Floor With Pallet Gate and Handrail
Storage Mezzanine Pallet Gate and Handrail
Pallet Gate
Pallet Gate on A Storage Mezzanine
Storage Mezzanine Accessory
Mezzanine Storage


Although the mezzanine floor was a relatively small floor, and on paper straight forward, the information above will demonstrate the thought process and considerations required to be able to implement a successful project within a busy working environment.

Our role as main contractor and a service provider is to design a scheme that provides the desired results but can also be implemented safely, quickly and with as minimum disruption to your business as possible.

If you are considering a mezzanine floor for your business and would like to discuss the feasibility of the project, please contact David Newsome ([email protected]) who will gladly arrange a site visit to discuss what you have in mind.

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