Commercial interior fit out for an award winning phone system and communications solutions provider to over 2500 businesses across the UK.


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Lily Comms provide award winning bespoke phone systems and communications solutions to over 2500 businesses across the UK. Established in 2009, they have been operating from their Bradford based premises since then, but as the company grew, the need for a larger space intensified until it culminated in them looking for a new premises in 2017.

They identified a new premises which would require a fit out before they moved in, so after searching online for a company that specialises in that solution, they contacted us here at Nexus. After discussions with Lily Comms and their Managing Director Chris Morrisey about what they required and what our solution would be, the building fell through.

This was to much disappointment for both Lily Comms and ourselves after the hard work we had both put in. However the situation didn’t change, Lily Comms still needed a new building and they still wanted to work with us when the time would come.

‘We engaged with Nexus the year before, I’d found a property and they came out and specified everything up, they produced drawings for me of how the space would look and gave me lots of ideas about the existing infrastructure that was in that building and unfortunately that building fell through. But the amount of work that they’d put in, the level of depth that they’d gone into was very impressive. So of course when we found this building, I did exactly the same as last time, invited three people in, gave them exactly the same specification and again the guys at Nexus came back and absolutely wowed us with the level of depth and their knowledge and their ideas and their can do attitude, that was definitely why we chose them.’ – Chris Morrisey, Managing Director, Lily Comms

The newly identified building was in Leeds and it was essentially an empty shell, so would require a complete fit out before Lily Comms moved in.


Lily Comms wanted a design and build specialist to work with them and manage and implement the complete fit out project. The newly identified premises was over two floors and would require alterations to the floor plan to ensure it met Lily Comms requirements.

Through the use of a mix of solid walls and glass partitioning we have split up the floor layout into the individual office spaces Lily Comms required, whilst still retaining the open plan nature of the space.

We created a reception space with seamless glass partitioning, allowing visitors a window into Lily Comms operations whilst they wait. On the ground floor within the open plan space we created 22 desk positions with brand new office furniture.

Along the perimeter of the room we created two individual offices, a boardroom and a kitchen area, which are all created through the use of seamless glass partitioning. The partitions are all finished off with bespoke glass manifestations, whilst the feature wall in the open plan office is covered with a branded display. These elements combined really brings the office to life.

The boardroom features brand new furniture with a table that seats 12 people, a coffee point and a SmartTV installed within an inset in the wall.

On the first floor the open plan office seats 34 employees, with two meeting spaces in the centre of the room. These are created through brand new meeting pods, ideal for privacy within an open space.

Rounding out the first floor facilities is a Director’s office, PA’s office, a Think Tank meeting room and a kitchen area. All of this combines to provide Lily Comms with a new office environment that promotes collaboration, inspires employees and looks good whilst doing it.

The process of working with Nexus was fantastic. It was a great experience and very fast.

Glass Partitioning For Lily Comms
Lily Comms New Office Facilities


‘The way the guys walked us through the design process, the brief that we gave them, they helped us in terms of the design of the office and the flow of the office. They gave us an awful lot of advice about how best to use the space and also considered the functionality and the need to grow.’

‘We’ve been in the building a year and already we’ve a third more staff. So we’ve already purchased more furniture and moved space around and it was with the foresight and the brief that I gave them, that made that very easy.’

‘Having lived with it now for a year, I don’t think there’s a single design concept or idea that I would have changed. They understood our brief and they understood the look that we were going for.’ – Chris Morrisey, Managing Director, Lily Comms

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Office Partitioning Lily Comms
Lily Comms Boardroom



Lily Comms new office premises has allowed them to grow the business, with further growth occurring during the past year after they moved in.

‘With the speed at which they operated, the depth of knowledge and understanding of what we were trying to achieve, it sounds daft, but it was almost a disappointment when they left. Because we’d worked so closely with them, there were times when they were here until 2am because of our strict deadline. The guys who worked on the project themselves were very flexible, very diligent and very hard working, I think they were all completely goosed by the end of it.’ – Chris Morrisey, Managing Director, Lily Comms

We would like to wish Chris Morrisey and everyone at Lily Comms all the best with the future of the business and we hope the facilities can serve them well for many years to come. If your business is on the move and your new facilities require a fit out before you move in, we can help. Get in touch with us here at Nexus today and we’ll visit your premises to discuss your needs.

“There was no stone left unturned, they absolutely bent over backwards to get us in on time. I can’t thank the guys enough, it was a great experience and we’re very pleased with the outcome.”

Chris MorriseyManaging Director, Lily Comms

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