Mezzanine floor project for an independent gym in Otley, to provide them with more space for their members.


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Club Energy are an independent gym based in both Otley and Retford, headed up by company Director Pat Cowdell, who has over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry. With the slogan ‘Not the same old workout’ Club Energy promise to deliver a vibrant and exciting approach to workouts and offer different zones for all kinds of workout’s, from boxing and cardio zones, through to ladies only sections.

Club Energy moved into their current premises in Otley four years ago after outgrowing their previous premises.

‘When I was looking for new premises to move into, this place was an engineering factory and still had machines dotted about the place, but I could see the potential in the building and I knew instantly that the room would lend itself well to a mezzanine floor in the future because of the height of the roof.’

It was just a case of waiting for the right time to install a mezzanine for Pat, who always intended to expand when they needed to.

‘We had to weigh it all up, everything had to add up before we took the plunge, we needed enough members (1,400 as of writing) to then justify the additional space and then once it was needed, we had to ensure we had enough money to afford it. But here we are four years later with a mezzanine floor installed.’

The challenge with any project like this is to install it around either employees or customers, we never want to impact on any of our client’s businesses. However with the global pandemic, gyms were one of the businesses to close their doors, so this did speed up the process, something that Pat was happy about.

‘It was a good time for us to do it because now that we are re-opening we’ve got something new to shout about! We’re already getting really positive comments from members who are already taking advantage of the new facilities. Another big plus is that the additional space helps with social distancing too.’

Gym Mezzanine Floor For Club Energy
Mezzanine Staircase Club Energy


Club Energy were approaching their limit in terms of accepting new members, so they needed to look into creating additional space through the installation of a mezzanine floor. This was to be situated above their main gym area and would nearly double the space available to them.

From our point of view, we needed to ensure that the mezzanine floor would be safe for Club Energy’s members to use, it needed to support rowing, running, cycling and weightlifting machines and of course those members using them. So we had to ensure that the mezzanine was designed to support the load required.

We also wanted the design to fit in seamlessly with Club Energy’s existing facilities. The mezzanine was designed to match up with an existing staircase to enable additional routes of access to the floor and the staircases and handrails were finished off to match their brand colours.

The project also involved the installation of the fire rating including the column cases, fascia and suspended ceiling underneath the mezzanine floor.

‘I was on site everyday the installers were and I was amazed at how quickly they built the mezzanine structure. I got on with them really well and had no problem’s whatsoever.’

Gym Facilities In Use
Gym Mezzanine Floor For Club Energy



Club Energy now have the additional space they required to increase their membership numbers and to be able to provide those members with even more equipment and more space to use them in too.

‘I’m part of an online forum for independent gym owners and a few of them have had mezzanines installed and 100% I will be sharing ours and recommending Nexus.’ – Pat Cowdell, Director, Club Energy

Everyone here at Nexus would like to wish Pat and all the team at Club Energy all the best with the future. Definitely check them. out if you are in the Otley or Retford area and looking to sign up to a new gym, we’re sure they will meet your needs. Also if your gym or business is in a similar situation to what Club Energy were and you require additional facilities within your new premises or maybe even a revamp, get in touch with us today, it’s what we do.

“It was a good time for us to have the mezzanine installed, because we've now got something to shout about to returning members. We've had nothing but positive feedback from them and I'll definitely be recommending Nexus to other gym owners.”

Pat CowdellDirector, Club Energy

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