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Aquaforce are a Barnsley based company who offer plumbing solutions throughout the UK. Due to continued growth, Aquaforce are occupying two warehouses on the same industrial park, and had offices based in both buildings. To improve collaboration Craig (MD) wanted to bring both offices together so decided to investigate having a new office space built in one of the units, leaving the remaining space to stores. The challenge was that both units were pre-fitted out with a small breezeblock office which was very restrictive. It comprised of only a small office, reception and area, kitchen, and WC. To increase the office space this office block needed to come down so a new purpose-built office could be built.

Breakout area under the office mezzanine floor
Office space


Craig explored two options to create the new office space. One was a traditional breezeblock construction, the other was a mezzanine floor-based solution with stud and track partitions. First though he needed to decide on what space he needed. As both offices were based over two sites Craig needed space for two single offices (one for him and one for a manager), office space for around six to eight people, an area that could be used as a breakout area and a place for WC’s.

Part of the challenge was each morning, the install teams needed to visit the offices to pick up their work sheets and materials. They needed to have access to the office space so they could run through the projects with their line managers. This meant one thing – the space needed to be hard wearing as often the teams would need access in work boots and workwear. This was a challenge as Craig wanted an area that looked great and would provide inspiration to his office team, but at the same time it needed to be functional.

After negotiations around design and budget, it was clear to Craig that a mezzanine solution was the best option to go for. Not only was it more cost effective, but it also offered reduced install times allowing the inconvenience of not having office space to be reduced to a minimum.

“Working with Craig again has been amazing. This project was a challenge due to the limited space but we are all really happy with the results”. MATHEW BARNES, NEXUS WORKSPACE

Office partitions under the office mezzanine floor
Single office and furniture


A few years back Nexus and Aquaforce had worked together when Nexus fitted out anther unit owned by Aquaforce for their plumbing distribution arm. That project involved the installation of a mezzanine floor (for storage purposes) and the construction of a new showroom and trade counter. As Craig had worked with Nexus before he picked up the phone to get us involved in the new project. After an onsite meeting it was back to the drawing board to design up the space.

Space was tight as some of the warehouse needed to remain as a storage area. By utlising a mezzanine floor above the office space, this allowed for materials still to be stored above the offices, therefore minimising the space used. The mezzanine floor was also designed to accommodate office space in the future (office mezzanines are slightly different to storage mezzanine)

Nexus offered a design that incorporated all aspects of the brief. One suggestion was a duel purpose meeting and breakout space. This required the kitchen units to be modern and sleek so that they would work within a meeting area. The vibe as a ‘starbucks’ kind of vibe, where people could sit and meet informally but also hold a more formal meeting if required.

Nexus provided a comprehensive breakdown of costs which allowed Craig to tweak the project where necessary. Nexus also offered a full turn-key solution which included an interior design package and office furniture. All Craig needed to do was clear out the warehouse space and Nexus would take care of the rest.



The new fit out has provided Aquaforce with the space required to operate under one roof which will undoubtably increase staff morale and improve productivity. The offices also offer the flexibility of expansion due to the mezzanine floor above. Additional office space or meeting space can easily be constructed should the business find it needs to increase in size.

The fit out is also to a high standard which provided an inspirational place for people to work from. Overall the project was a great success, completed on time and on budget!

“What a great space the team at Aquaforce now have to work in. Modern and functional. I want to work there!” DAVID NEWSOME – SALES DIRECTOR”


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