Production mezzanine floor project for one of the UK's leading IT disposal companies, Computer Disposals Limited.


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We previously worked with Computer Disposals Limited who are one of the UK’s leading IT disposal companies back in 2015. They required a new premises due to rapid growth and we were tasked with fitting out the new warehouse and designing and implementing an office mezzanine floor solution.

This new 70,000 square foot facility streamlined their operation down from three separate sites to one. When we were designing the previous project, CDL always had a five year plan in mind and that involved expansion plans in the future.

Due to continued success since that 2015 project, they were two years ahead of schedule and were now ready to implement the additional mezzanine floor that was always in the plans.


Due to the increased business, Computer Disposals Limited required more storage and workshop areas, including computer dismantling stations. The new production mezzanine floor has been installed above their existing warehouse storage area, as was always the plan. This allowed them to create new workspace without losing any of their existing space.

To ensure the workflow on top of the new mezzanine was just as good as the previous facilities on the ground floor, we created a knock through to the other side of the warehouse and installed a pallet gate complete with a high speed roller door to allow quick access at any time.

Another knock through was created on the other side of the mezzanine to go through to the Ebay sorting area, further improving workflow for the new facilities. We also installed new bench runs along with electrical trunking above them to provide the required power. To finish the top of the mezzanine off we installed a bespoke handrail system which featured CDL branding.

Underneath the mezzanine we installed a suspended ceiling complete with lighting, fire rating, and a new fire alarm and CCTV system.

‘We were expecting within year five to hopefully put an additional mezzanine in to the far corner, however the new facility has reaped huge rewards for us, so as a result the business has expanded much quicker than we anticipated, so we had to call Nexus in early.’

New CDL Facilities
Production Mezzanine at CDL


‘The relationship that we built up with Nexus over time was really good. One thing that’s apparent to me and I’ve seen it happen on many occasions before is when a company has done a very very good job for somebody, there is always a tendency next time to think hmm I might be able to squeeze a few more pennies out of them because they are comfortable with us and this, that and the other. What I found very refreshing with Nexus is that did not happen at all.’

‘They were exactly the same, the price came back and it was very keen, we knew the workmanship was fantastic but to me it just showed a level of integrity. We had no issues whatsoever awarding it to Nexus.’ Jean-Pierre Naylor, Director, Computer Disposals Limited.

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Desk Run at CDL
CDL New Mezzanine Floor



The new mezzanine floor has provided Computer Disposals Limited with the additional production and storage space that they required, two years earlier than planned. The new facilities have fit seamlessly within the workflow of the warehouse and it’s almost as if they were there from the start.

‘The project was carried out exactly to the day, exactly as they said it would be and it’s proving dividends already’ – Jean-Pierre Naylor, Director, Computer Disposals Limited.

We would like to wish Jean-Pierre and everybody at CDL all the best for the future and we look forward to hopefully working with them again. If your business is looking to create new facilities within your warehouse, a mezzanine floor could be the right solution. Get in touch today and we’ll look to provide you with the right solution for you and your business.

“To be honest with you, I think the experience this time around was even better. It was a completely painless exercise and I would have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Nexus.”

Jean-Pierre NaylorDirector, Computer Disposals Limited

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