Industrial Style fit out that included a mezzanine floor for offices and storage.


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Our client, a data solutions provider based in North Yorkshire, established in 2010 had recently seen rapid growth in their business. As they were based over multiple sites (mainly office space) they required a location to store some of their physical hardware and components as storing them within an office environment wasn’t suitable. After locating a small industrial unit within the proximity of the main office space, they had a requirement to fit out the space to suit their needs. The industrial units were sold just as a shell with a small WC in the corner. The company needed a kitchen area, stores area, an office for up to four people and an open area for assembly. As the company was modern they required an industrial aesthetic to match their brand.

Storage Mezzanine Floor
Breakout space


The MD wanted to maximise the space available therefore consideration was given to a mezzanine floor. As the warehouse was small, the MD knew by installing a mezzanine floor that the unit would be future proofed. Initially the space could be used for storage but could also provide additional office space in the future if required. They also needed space for a breakout area. The space could be utilised to hold events so provision for a decent sized breakout space was one of the requirements. Lastly an office area was required and because the unit doesn’t have external windows, glass partitioning was on the list of requirements, so the office didn’t feel enclosed.

One of the main drivers for the project was the aesthetic of how the fit out would look. The client wanted an industrial feel to the space. Part of the project requirements was to enhance the concrete floor off the warehouse. It was a standard concrete floor that was prone to dust, so the client needed to seal the floor to eliminate as much dust as possible.

Once the brief was obtained it was down to Nexus to design a space that met the physical requirements of the space, but also hit the spot with regards to the look and feel.

“We are really happy with how this project turned out. The client wanted a modern, industrial look at that’s what we delivered”. MATHEW BARNES, NEXUS WORKSPACE

Storage mezzanine floor
Office partitioning


The client had originally found Nexus via google and after reviewing our website and case studies wanted to discuss further if we could help with the project. We attended site, listened to the brief, and then went to the drawing board to create a proposal.

After first approaching Nexus, the client was delighted on how we achieved the desired look required whilst maintaining a strict budget.

Traditionally, mezzanine floors are functional spaces, so designing a mezzanine floor with an industrial look was a great challenge. You are limited when designing mezzanine floors to what components and materials are available that work within building regulations, so we carefully selected materials that would work with the required aesthetic.

A technique we used on this project was to manufacture some bespoke sleeves to cover the mezzanine purlins making the underside completely black. We also sourced a chipboard that was coated black, and this complimented by black handrail and staircase provided a great look for the mezzanine.

From here the fitting out of the underside was easy. We painted the existing WC block and door, fitted some Matt black kitchen units (complimented by a glass fridge) and specified an industrial partition system that was also powder coated black.

The warehouse floor was grinded and sealed offering a beautiful textured finish. More importantly though, it was now fully sealed from dust.

Overall, the client chose Nexus as we ticked all the right boxes. We designed a space that worked, it looked great and importantly we achieved it all within a sensible budget.



The results are fantastic. Arguably the best-looking mezzanine floor project we have installed to date. Already this aesthetic has been shown to prospective clients and has been a hit. By having such an interesting brief, it has allowed us to explore new materials and apply them to our projects. Who says mezzanine floors must be boring? Now we can make them look great too.

We are delighted how this fit out has turned out. The client is extremely happy with the result and now has a functional and stylish place to store their stock and entertain guests at events etc.

“This was a great little project. The client was busy and wanted a company to fit out the space and take care of all aspects. That's what we did!”


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