Storage and office mezzanine floor project for a global distributor of aftermarket car accessories at their new warehouse premises in Leeds.


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Maxton Design are a global designer of aftermarket car styling accessories that are available on a diverse range of car brands and models. In the UK they are the largest distributor of unique automotive styling kits and they are looking to grow even further.

As part of that growth they were on the lookout for a brand new larger premises to help them to increase the number of customers that they could serve. After some time looking, they found just what they were looking for in Leeds. However, like most new warehouses, the place was empty and they needed to find a design and fit out specialist to transform the space into a working environment that met their requirements. 

‘Essentially we just run out of space to put it simply. We needed a lot more space to accommodate for the growth of the company. We’d been working in the old unit for a couple of years and we’d outgrew that pretty quickly. That’s when we took a step back and decided to look elsewhere and we settled on the place we’re in now in Leeds and although there is a lot of space here, we needed to better optimise that space so that we could store more products.’ – Billy Clayton, Office Manager, Maxton Design

Storage Mezzanine Floor
Suspended Ceiling Underneath Mezzanine


The vast warehouse space that was now Maxton’s to use, needed to be optimised to ensure they were making the most of the space that they’d gained. This is where our storage mezzanine floor design came in. 

They wanted to streamline their pick and pack process in the new unit, so by creating racking space both above and below the mezzanine floor, Maxton Design now have a more organised working environment which is much more efficient.

To enhance this efficiency, we also created a brand new packing area underneath the mezzanine floor. With its close proximity to Maxton’s products, this has helped to increase the efficiency of Maxton’s warehouse team.

As part of the project they also required additional office space. Within the original build of the warehouse, a basic office and kitchen space was created, however they wanted to extend that space to create a Director’s office.

The installation of the mezzanine floor enabled them to do so. We created a knock through an existing wall to create a doorway through to the new office space situated on the mezzanine floor. This new office space was then achieved by installing a combination of solid and glass partitioning and finishing that off with a suspended ceiling. 

The glass partitions were then frosted for privacy and feature the Maxton Design logo on their manifestations. We also provided brand new office furniture throughout and finished off the installation with new flooring, lighting and decoration.

‘The communication was great! They were professional throughout the process which was big for us and on top of that, you could clearly tell they loved the project that they were working on. Which made the whole process enjoyable for us.’

Mezzanine Handrail
Storage Underneath Mezzanine Floor


‘Of course, we took a look at their website before contacting them and they’ve clearly got a great track record on there of other projects they’ve worked on. This was the first of a kind for us in terms of how big the project was, so having a company that knew exactly what they were doing and could answer any sort of question we had, again it made the process just so smooth for us.’

‘We felt that Nexus could carry out the visions that we had in our heads properly. Because of their knowledge in the industry, it made it a lot easier for us and we felt comfortable throughout the whole process. 

‘I think one of the main things was deadlines. Moving from our old unit, we had to get in as quickly as possible. So the schedule they gave us prior to starting the work, they were on time with all of that, which helped us to manage everything that we needed to. Alongside that, they also managed all the subcontractors, so again, less of a headache for us, which made the whole process easier.’ – Billy Clayton, Office Manager, Maxton Design

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Office Space On Mezzanine
Office Space



Maxton Design now have the additional space that they needed to grow their brand even more and an efficiently run workspace environment that will help them to achieve just that.

‘I think the main thing for us, especially as a big warehouse, storing a lot of products is the dispatch process. Having more space and having everything in place, especially the mezzanine, it means we can pick, pack and process orders so much quicker and more efficiently than we’ve done before. The whole process is more streamlined for us now.’

‘On top of that is the employee wellbeing. Our warehouse staffs job has become so much easier since moving into this unit. With the new facilities we have in place, the mezzanine and all the storage space, it’s just made it so much easier for them to do their job properly.’

‘It was definitely a great decision for us to choose Nexus after the overall experience that we had. They met our requirements, they completed the project on schedule and overall it was exactly what we needed.’ – Billy Clayton, Office Manager, Maxton Design

We wish Billy and the team at Maxton Design all the best with their new facilities and we hope they enjoy them for many years to come.

“It was definitely a great decision for us to choose Nexus after the overall experience that we had. They met our requirements, they completed the project on schedule and overall it was exactly what we needed.”

Billy ClaytonOffice Manager, Maxton Design

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