Installation of a storage mezzanine floor to a warehouse in Castleford


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CFM Limited are a furniture manufacturer based in Castleford, Yorkshire who operate from a manufacturing facility.  Due to landing a large contract they needed an additional warehouse facility to store the stock before it was despatched. They located an industrial unit in Castleford which was previously occupied but now available to let. The unit was empty, and they needed additional storage. The challenge is that a lot of the product is oversized and cannot be stored in traditional pallet racking so they investigated the possibility of a mezzanine floor. This would allow them to store the furniture up and out of the way until it was time to deliver the stock to retailers.

Mezzanine floor
Mezzanine handrail and pallet gate


The landlord of the industrial units had previously worked with Nexus Workspace on a fit-out project in Normanton where we fitted out an industrial unit for him. The project had included a mezzanine floor so when he knew his new tenant required a mezzanine floor, he put our name forward. We met with CFM on site to discuss the requirements. Part of the challenge with the installation of a mezzanine floor in this unit was the strength of the warehouse floor. It wasn’t particularly strong, so a column grid needed designing to suit the slabs capabilities. Once it was confirmed a mezzanine was feasible, we designed up the floor and provided a quotation. We also helped with the racking design for the warehouse and sourced some second-hand racking for the client.

“It’s great to be able to help CFM with their storage requirements. The mezzanine has given them the space to grow”  MATHEW BARNES, NEXUS WORKSPACE

Mezzanine staircase
Under the mezzanine floor.



The mezzanine floor has provided CFM with enough space to store all the items they need. Without the mezzanine floor the unit simply wouldn’t have been large enough. The mezzanine combined with the pallet racking has provided CFM all the space they need to store all the stock prior to dispatch. The mezzanine floor was fitted with a suspended ceiling, column cases and fascia to offer one hour’s fire protection to the structure. This is because the mezzanine exceeds more than 20 metres and is a requirement under building regulations. Under the mezzanine floor we installed LED Baton lighting with smoke detection. We also installed call points to the head of the stairs which are linked to the fire alarm.

“Another example of how a mezzanine floor allows a company to occupy a space that would ordinarily be too small.”


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