Installation of a storage mezzanine floor to a warehouse in Lancashire


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Valume Limited are a company based in Lancashire, they import and distribute a range of clothing items across the UK. The company was experiencing growth, so the MD (Mick Garforth) decided to extend the existing warehouse by adding on an extension to the side of the existing warehouse.  The space the extension offered was short-lived and Mick found himself needing additional floor space within only a couple of years of adding on the extension. The challenge about storing their stock is all the pallets act as a pick face and they need access to each pallet at anyone time to fulfil their orders. This made the option of pallet racking redundant and a mezzanine floor was the only suitable solutions available.

Warehouse mezzanine floor
Mezzanine floor


Mick contacted Nexus after finding us on Google. The brief was to supply and install a mezzanine floor over the new factory extension. The building was a unique shape and had varying angles to content with, but the biggest challenge was the strength of the warehouse floor. The extension had been built over old underground cellars, so the floor was not strong enough to accommodate the weights down the mezzanine columns. Nexus suggested a core test to find out the strength and once the results came back it was confirmed the slab wasn’t strong enough. The next step was to obtain a quotation for the installation of foundations at the foot of each column. Nexus designed the floor, marked out all the column positions and managed the piling company. Once it was confirmed a pile could be placed at each column, we could order the steel work and from there it was plain sailing.

“Quite a complicated project due to the weak warehouse slab, but one we managed and delivered on time and on budget”  MATHEW BARNES, NEXUS WORKSPACE

Mezzanine handrail
Mezzanine pallet gate



Valume now have maximised most of the footprint of the warehouse extension. Two staircases were required to the floor, due to trave distances to fire escape. The floor also needed fire protection by means of a suspended ceiling, column cases and fascia. This was because the floor covered over 50% of the footprint of the warehouse. The scheme also involved the supply and installation of LED baton light fittings, emergency lighting and smoke detection to the underside of the structure. On top of the mezzanine floor, we fitted handrail to the exposed edges of the floor and included the install of a pallet gate. Due to height restrictions, and the height of the pallet gate we opted for an opening swing gate solution. Overall, the project was a great success and has allowed Valume to virtually double their floor space.

“It's always great to help companies maximise their space. Thank you to Mick for choosing Nexus as your fit out partner”


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