Warehouse fit out project for a handmade candle manufacturer based in Manchester.


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Kindred Fires


Kindred Fires are a candle crafter based in Manchester that produce candles for all sorts of special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and christenings. Their product range is available in a vast number of scents and styles to suit every occasion.

Each candle is hand poured giving each and every product that personal touch and they also strive to use zero plastic in their products whilst also minimising their production waste.

Since 2019 their company has gone from strength to strength and as a consequence of that growth, had been on the lookout for a new larger premises to manufacture from for a while.

‘We actually looked at a couple of premises before where we did a couple of schemes, a couple of budgets and they couldn’t quite find the correct unit for them. However Paul contacted me and told me that they had located a new building in Manchester and he asked me to go along and give him some ideas of a budget’. – David Newsome, Sales Director, Nexus Workspace

The joint owner of Kindred Fires Paul had actually drawn up a scheme to provide an idea of what they would require in the new premises. This allowed us to provide them with a budget quote from the outset, allowing them to see whether the new premises would work within their budget before pressing the button in regards to taking on the unit.

New Manufacturing Space For Kindred Fires
Manufacturing Area With Mezzanine Above


Kindred Fires intention for the new premises was a manufacturing hub with office space too. Luckily, the office space was already provided, we just had to make some slight adjustments, which we will come to in a bit. 

However the bulk of the works that they required was the creation of two large manufacturing spaces which provided power for their machinery and the appropriate lighting too. 

‘They required two large areas that they were going to kit out with workbenches and machinery etc. So the brief to us was to provided a four sided enclosure with a suspended ceiling. Inside we had to provide very good lighting, air conditioning, because it gets incredibly hot when manufacturing the candles and a good ventilation system’ – David.

Once we had designed the new premises, it became apparent that there was potential for a mezzanine floor to be installed which could future proof the business. 

‘They didn’t need the space initially, so we suggested to Paul that we build a skeleton frame for the mezzanine which basically involved installing the columns, main beams and the occasional purlin. That allows us to return in the future as they grow and deck the mezzanine, install the staircases and put a handrail in.’

‘This saves a lot of money in the outset and minimises a lot of potential disruption in the future when they need the mezzanine floor, because they wouldn’t be able to install one without dismantling the entire production area’. – David

This is a great example of the flexibility of mezzanine floors and also how inconspicuous their design can be. Kindred Fires has ensured that when the time comes and they need that additional space within their premises, the works will not impact their businesses output at all. A very smart move with the growth of their business so far.

We mentioned earlier that some alterations were required in the office area. These alterations consisted of the creation of a meeting room and Director’s office within the open plan office space. We achieved this by installing glass and solid partitioning at one end of the office, sectioning off the space. We also made alterations to the lighting within these new spaces and also installed ventilation in there too.

‘They took away the project management headache and provided us with a competitively priced turnkey solution’

Kindred Fires New Production Area
Glass Partitioning In Office



Kindred fires now have the space they needed to grow their business even further. They can now increase production of their candles, add to their team and potentially further utilise their available space in the future by finishing off the mezzanine floor structure.

‘Kindred Fires have located a building that is suitable for their business now and in the future, but we upscaled that even further by providing the potential of a mezzanine. So in theory, Kindred Fires could double their production space by finishing off the mezzanine floor and I think that based on the growth that they’ve already had over the last two or three years, they’ll be contacting us in the future to finish off that mezzanine’. – David.

So if you are looking to move premises and you require help fitting out the premises to your needs, get in touch today. We’ll work with you to ensure that the solution is right for both your business and your bottom line. We’ll arrange a site survey at your premises, discuss with you all your requirements for the space and provide you with a budget quote to allow you to see the projects feasibility.

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