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Printer Maintenances business had experienced consistent growth over the years, and due to projected expansion, they quickly outgrew their current warehouse, necessitating the need for a larger facility. James, the Managing Director of Printer Maintenance, identified a new industrial park in close proximity to their existing premises. However, like many business owners, he faced the challenge of outfitting the new warehouse.

Determining the appropriate size for a warehouse is a complex task. It involves considering not only the present requirements but also accounting for future expansion needs.

The warehouse James identified was newly constructed and came as an empty shell, except for a small restroom located in one corner. James needed to visualize the occupied space while considering various requirements such as pallet racking, workshops, office space, breakout areas (including restrooms), and much more.

James encountered two main challenges. Firstly, ensuring that the warehouse was adequately sized, avoiding the possibility of it being either too small or excessively large. Secondly, he needed to establish a cost estimate for the fit-out of the space.

Both of these obstacles needed to be overcome before he could commit to signing a lease or purchasing the building.


James reached out to a friend who had been in a similar situation a few years ago. His associate owned a business called CDL Limited, and James inquired about who completed their fit-out.

CDL recommended Nexus Workspace, explaining that they offer a full turnkey fit-out service. After contacting Nexus, it became evident that this could be a fruitful partnership. Nexus provides a comprehensive, no-obligation design and quotation service, and a meeting was scheduled at the existing warehouse to assess the current operations and determine the requirements for the new space.

Following the initial consultation, Nexus began designing the new warehouse, incorporating all aspects of the project. It was quickly established that the warehouse size was appropriate to meet the requirements, and Nexus provided cost estimates to enable James to assess the feasibility of the move. Given the high demand for new warehouse space, it was essential to establish a budget promptly. Nexus delivered a budget within five working days based on the initial consultation.

‘Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication make them the top choice for any company looking to for a fit-out partner when relocating to a new premises’

Office and storage mezzanine floor

‘We are delighted to have helped facilitate the growth of Printer Maintenance. The fit out of the warehouse was an ideal project for us and one that we have thoroughly enjoyed being part of.’

Mathew Barnes, Director Nexus Workspace


Printer Maintenance chose Nexus Workspace as their trusted fit-out partner for several reasons. First, Nexus Workspace had a proven track record of successfully completing similar warehouse fit-out projects, making them a reliable choice. Second, Nexus Workspace demonstrated a deep understanding of Printer Maintenance’s needs and provided a comprehensive design solution. Acting as both the principal designer and principal contractor under CDM 2015 regulations, Nexus Workspace ensured a seamless and efficient process. Additionally, Nexus Workspace’s transparent cost breakdown and commitment to safety and compliance further solidified their selection.

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The Results

Printer Maintenance now has a state-of-the-art facility designed to meet the exacting needs of their business.

Not only is the facility highly functional, maximizing the productivity of the Printer Maintenance team, but it also provides an inspiring environment for employees to perform at a high standard.

Throughout the process, Nexus took on the responsibility of the fit-out, alleviating James of that burden and allowing him to focus on what he does best—running a successful business.

Once James identified the building and the budget was confirmed, Nexus handled all day-to-day aspects of the project, delivering a fully functional workspace at the end. It was simply a matter of moving in!

If you have a project you need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Nexus. You can email our sales director directly at [email protected].

“Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication make them the top choice for any company looking to for a fit-out partner when relocating to a new premises”

JamesMD Printer Maintenance

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