Clean room and mezzanine build for leading pharmaceutical company


12 Clean Rooms
Mezzanine For Expansion
Turn-Key Project


Em Pharma are a leading healthcare company and due to expansion needed to relocate to larger premises. After reviewing various premises, they settled on a brand-new state of the art facility at Crosslink, Leicester. The unit is 90,000 square foot and as part of the fit-out works they required a facility for production that would involve the need for twelve individual production rooms.

Production rooms
Warehouse view of the production rooms


Em Pharma approached Nexus Workspace to provide a design and build solution for the production rooms. After capturing the initial brief Nexus chose to utilise an Isoclad panel system which is designed for this kind of application. The panels are suited to clean room environments offering a wipeable surface that’s easy to maintain.  Also, Nexus proposed a mezzanine floor solution to be installed above the cleanrooms to allow potential expansion in the future. The production rooms were therefore installed with a 1000m2 mezzanine that can be used either for additional production rooms or storage space in the future.

“Working with Em Pharma and their main contractor Sandell has been a pleasure and we are delighted to have contributed towards the fit out of their state-of-the-art facility.”

Internal view of the production rooms
Production rooms and mezzanine floor


Em Pharma selected Nexus Workspace as their partner for designing and constructing a state-of-the-art clean room and mezzanine floor facility within their recently acquired warehouse in Leicester for several reasons. Nexus Workspace’s proven expertise in creating customized workspace solutions played a pivotal role in their decision. The company’s track record of delivering innovative and compliant clean room environments aligned seamlessly with Em Pharma’s stringent requirements for maintaining a controlled and sterile manufacturing space. Furthermore, Nexus Workspace’s ability to integrate a mezzanine floor design into the project offered Em Pharma the opportunity to maximize their available space efficiently. Em Pharma entrusted Nexus Workspace to transform their vision into a reality, ensuring a cutting-edge facility that meets their exact specifications whilst offering future expansion if required.



Working under the umbrella of Em Pharma’s main contractor Sandell, Nexus delivered the project on time and within budget. Nexus worked with Em Pharma throughout the design stage ensuring the design worked within the restrictions of the space available. The design was complex due to the ensuring the mezzanine loads did not exceed the capabilities of the warehouse slabs strength. Nexus provided a mezzanine floor solution, Isoclad panelling system to construct the clean rooms, Mezzanine fire protection via a suspended ceiling, column cases and fascia, and also electrical works that included lighting, power and electrical distribution works.

“The design of this facility has been challenging but rewarding. Combining all the aspects of the clean rooms and mezzanine within the perarmiters of the slabs capabilities has been a real challenge, but we are delighted to have designed and built a solution that provides the space required but also takes into account future growth”

Mathew Barnes, Nexus Workspace

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