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We are implementing an office mezzanine floor project for one of the largest manufacturers of mobile elevating work platforms in Europe.

Nifty Lift


We are implementing an office mezzanine floor project for one of Europe’s largest manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (otherwise known as cherry pickers). Nifty Lift require additional office facilities for their research and development team working within their 9000 square metre warehouse in Milton Keynes.

The 270 square metre mezzanine floor project will involve the creation of a large open plan office space, two meeting rooms, a 3D printing room and a kitchen space. The mezzanine steels are also being left exposed on this project as they have a dual purpose. They’re being used to hang the cranes for their manufacturing facility too.

The 17 metre span steels used in this project, are the largest that we have designed and installed to date. The building was initially built to accommodate an additional floor but it was never built. So we have taken advantage of that in our design and bolted our mezzanine steels onto their existing facilities. The full turnkey includes the installation of all partitioning, ceilings, electrics, plumbing and air conditioning.


First things first, we need to set up site in correspondence with CDM regulations to ensure the health and safety of Nifty Lift’s employees and our installation team during the project.

Next up the mezzanine floor get’s delivered to site and we carefully manoeuvre the steels into the warehouse before getting to work erecting them. The mezzanine steels take a weekend to build and attach to their existing facilities. As the mezzanine steels are to be left exposed on this project, we need to paint the steels with intumescent paint instead of installing a fascia to protect them in the event of a fire.

Nifty Lift Pre Mezzanine
Nifty Lift Delivery
Nifty Lift Mezzanine Build
Mezzanine Build For Nifty Lift
Nifty Lift Mezzanine Install
Mezzanine Fire Rating
Fire Retardant Paint On Mezzanine
Mezzanine Being Painted

Heading into week two once the main beams have been erected and the intumescent paint has been applied, it’s time to start installing the first floor high level perimeter wall cladding.

This stage of the project is split into two parts which totals five weeks for both the ground and first floor combined. We’re starting with the first floor cladding so that we have access on the ground floor to install the purlins and decking at a later date.


Nifty Lift Cladding
Cladding Going Up At Nifty Lifts
Nifty Lift Cladding Installation
Office Mezzanine Build For Nifty Lifts
Nifty Lift Week Three
Nifty Lift Cladding Week Three
Cladding In Week Three Nifty Lift
Nifty Lift Office Mezzanine Build Week Three
Office Mezzanine Decking Nifty Lifts
Mezzanine Build For Nifty Lifts
Mezzanine Decking Installation
Nifty Lift Office Mezzanine Build


The mezzanine is up, the perimeter walls have been installed and the floorboards are down, so we paid a visit to site to produce a video update in the project’s sixth week.

As the project enters it’s seventh week, it’s time to make a start on building the new office facilities on top of the mezzanine floor. The office space is to be created through the installation of a mixture of solid and glass partitioning.

Our installation team marks out the partition runs and once they are fixed to the floor, the vertical posts and head tracks are installed section by section, creating the structure to attach the plasterboards to. The plasterboards are then cut to size and fixed to the stud to create the walls of the new office space.

Heading into week eight and the tape and jointing is carried out on the new partitions. This process involves the reinforcing and covering of the seams between the sheets of the plasterboard. Essentially, joint tape is applied to the seams and then is covered with a jointing compound and smoothed over to create a seamless finish. This then prepares the new walls for decoration. We are also creating the enclosure for the staircase that will grant access to the mezzanine.


Nifty Lifts Office Construction
Office Mezzanine Build For Nifty Lifts
Nifty Lifts Office Build
Nifty Lifts Partitioning Construction
Tape and jointed office partitioning
Walls tape jointed at Nifty Lift
Office Partition Build for Nifty Lift
Staircase Enclosure Build


During week nine we finish off the cut-outs for the doors and windows and install the aluminium glass frames in preparation for the glazing to go in at a later date. The rest of week nine involves the decoration of the new partition walls. As the project enters it’s tenth week, we make a start on installing the suspended ceiling grid and the tiles, with some ceiling areas due to be completed this week, such as the new hallway area. We are also creating light tunnels within the open plan office to allow natural light in, so the outline of these are also created within the ceiling grid.

Aluminium Glass Frames Installed On Site
Ceiling Grid Installation
Ceiling Tiles Being Installed
Staircase Construction Nifty Lift

The project is nearing completion as we head into the eleventh and twelfth week. The new window glazing frames and the glazing itself is installed in the eleventh week, whilst the decoration is completed throughout with the emulsion applied to all the new partitions and we prime, undercoat and gloss the skirting, window and door frames.

The suspended ceiling installation is completed both above and below the mezzanine floor and the lighting is installed throughout. We enter week twelve and the new power outlets, the floor boxes and back boxes that were required both above and below the mezzanine are completed. The last of the works to complete that week are the plumbing and HVAC systems for the new facilities.


Nifty Lift Staircase Enclosure
Nifty Lift Staircase
New Office Facilities Nifty Lift
Nifty Lift Ceilings
Kitchen Nifty Lift
Nifty Lift Mezzanine Windows
Staircase At Nifty
Staircase Construction Nifty Lift


In the final two weeks, the project is finished off with the carpet tiles and vinyl flooring being laid down and all final decoration being completed. Nifty Lift now have the new office facilities that they required to expand their research and development team and continue to service their growing client base.

Nifty Lift Tea Point
Nifty Lift Office & Breakout Area
Nifty Lift Carpet's Installed
Nifty Lift Build Nearing Completion


We would love to be able to help create workspaces for businesses throughout the whole of the UK but unfortunately we can’t. The extra cost to you and the fact that we wouldn’t be able to manage your project to our high standards means that we must set a limit for how far we can work. The area we cover is highlighted to the right. As you can see, we essentially work as far North as Newcastle and as far South as Birmingham. So if your business is situated in an area we cover, get in touch today to discuss your plans for your new workspace.

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