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Our latest project is a production mezzanine floor project for VEKA, the leading UPVC supplier in the world.



We are carrying out the design and installation of a production mezzanine floor with a small office space for the leading supplier of UPVC products worldwide. VEKA design and manufacture the most specified door, windows and conservatory systems in the world.

They are looking to further expand their manufacturing capabilities and have purchased another warehouse near their existing premises to expand into. However before they can move in, the empty warehouse requires fitting out to their specifications. Once we visited site and had a look at the premises, we discovered that the floor would need piling (strengthening) to ensure that it could take the intended weight on top of the mezzanine floor. So we had to arrange for this work to be carried out before we started on site.

Once the project is complete, VEKA will have a 500 square metre mezzanine floor with a small office on top and production facilities above and below the mezzanine. The eight week project is a complete turn key solution with Nexus designing and implementing each and every aspect of the project.


Before we can start erecting the new mezzanine floor on site, we have to arrange for a specialist piling company to come in and pile the floor in the locations where the mezzanine columns are to be situated. The piling process involves the cutting and breaking out of the existing concrete floor in the column locations and then filling in the holes with strengthened concrete piles that can withstand the required loadings on top of the mezzanine floor.

Concrete Floor Pile Cut Out
Concrete Piling Process
Concrete Piling Completed


With the piling process now complete, it’s time for the mezzanine floor steels to be delivered to site and to make a start on installing VEKA’s new production mezzanine floor facilities.

Heading into week three of the project and it’s time for the mezzanine steels to be delivered to site. Once the steels are all unloaded from the wagon and are inside the warehouse, our installation team begins sorting the mezzanine steels, cleating the primary beams and then makes a start on installing the primary steelwork.

The secondary steelwork is then installed and once that’s completed we line up, level and lift the mezzanine steels into it’s final place and tighten the mezzanine connections. At the end of week five, the deck boards are installed on top of the mezzanine and once that’s completed, the mezzanine columns are fixed into place.

Week six is set aside for the installation of the mezzanine floor ancillaries and the commencement of building the small office on top of the mezzanine. The ancillaries include the handrail on all exposed edges, three staircases and a pallet gate to allow VEKA to populate the mezzanine floor with their products. The stud and track and plasterboards are also installed for the production office.

During week seven, the suspended ceilings below the mezzanine start to be installed along with the fascia and column cases on the mezzanine.


Mezzanine Build
Mezzanine Build For VEKA
Mezzanine Steels
Mezzanine Suspended Ceiling Installation
Mezzanine Floor and Pallet Gate
Production Mezzanine Nearing Completion
Decking Installed On Mezzanine
VEKA Handrails and Decking Installation


In the final week of the project, the installation of the suspended ceilings are completed and VEKA’s electricians complete their installation of all required lighting. In the office on top of the mezzanine, we lay down the carpet tiles and also finish off the decoration to the office with all the emulsion final coats applied. The premises is now ready for VEKA to move in their machinery and take advantage of their new production space.

VEKA Mezzanine Completed
VEKA Production Mezzanine Completed
VEKA Production Mezzanine Flooring
VEKA Mezzanine Floor In Use


With the project complete and VEKA’s new premises up and running, we sat down with VEKA’s Deputy Maintenance Manager Beth Yewlett to discuss the project and to find out what it was like working with Nexus.


We would love to be able to help create workspaces for businesses throughout the whole of the UK but unfortunately we can’t. The extra cost to you and the fact that we wouldn’t be able to manage your project to our high standards means that we must set a limit for how far we can work. The area we cover is highlighted to the right. As you can see, we essentially work as far North as Newcastle and as far South as Birmingham. So if your business is situated in an area we cover (lucky you), get in touch today to discuss your plans for your new workspace.

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