Our storage mezzanine floors are the ideal solution if you're running out of storage space in your warehouse.

If you are looking to increase the available storage space within your industrial unit, our storage mezzanine floors are the ideal solution. Whether you need space for pallets or racking, we’ll design and build the right storage mezzanine floor solution for you.

A mezzanine floor can double the available space to you within your warehouse, without the need to move premises or extend them. They are a quick and easy to install solution, so you’ll have your new storage space in no time.

We’ve been helping businesses make the most of their space since 2009. We make it simple. Our specialist mezzanine floor process Nexsteps™ is your step by step guide to the complete storage mezzanine floor solution. From design to installation, our experienced team of designers, installers and project managers will deliver your project on time and to your specifications.

We’ve designed and installed over 100 mezzanine projects since 2009. It’s what we do.

Storage mezzanine floor in warehouse
Blackburn Storage & Office Mezzanine Floor



Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution to your storage space shortage. They are ideal to house all the additional shelving space that you require for your products. There are all kinds of shelving options available too, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs. Your storage mezzanine can be designed to accommodate your existing shelving or we can incorporate a brand new shelving system into the design. 


From plastic pallets through to timber pallets, whatever the pallet type, mezzanine floors are an ideal place to store all your pallet stock. We offer different pallet gate options too, from up and over to swing gates, so you are sure to find the correct solution to meet your needs. Mezzanine floors typically are designed to accommodate 500kg pallets. This means you can fill the entire floor with pallets of this weight. They can accommodate heavier pallets but this will depend on the strength of your warehouse floor. 


Our mezzanine floors are the ideal solution if your business requires additional packing or machinery areas. Mezzanines are very versatile and can be designed to take high weight loads, so no matter your business operations, we can help. We have solutions to move product on and off the mezzanine floor to help with production, from goods lifts, conveyors to simple pallet gates. Whatever your production needs we can offer a solution to suit your needs and budget. 




There are many options to choose from when it comes to storage mezzanine floor ancillaries. One of the more popular ones are pallet gates. They are the ideal option for quick access to your stock via the use of a fork lift truck. There are two options to chose from, up and over and a swing gate style. The pallet gate allows you to safely load and unload product from the mezzanine floor. No matter what size of pallet you have we can design a solution to suit. 


Mezzanine goods lifts are a safe and efficient solution that allows you to manoeuvre your goods to and from the storage mezzanine floor. They come in light duty (up to 250kg) and heavy duty (up to 1,000kg) options, so you are bound to find the solution for your business.


When it comes to a storage mezzanine floor, the ideal staircase solution is a standard steel staircase that is powder coated for durability. These are generally painted black with contrasting nosing. The length of the mezzanine will also determine how many staircases are required in conjunction with building regulations.


We want to make things easier for you and your business and depending on what kind of products you have, a product chute could be the ideal ancillary to speed up your business operations. You can add either a spiral or straight chute option to your storage mezzanine.


Fire rating a mezzanine floor involves the installation of a suspended ceiling on the underside of the mezzanine floor and also protecting the columns and fascia with a plastisol material. If your storage mezzanine floor either totals 50% or more of your building’s footprint or runs over 20 metres in length in any direction, your storage mezzanine will require fire rating.


All building work must conform to UK building regulations and mezzanine floors are no different. To ensure that your storage mezzanine floor meets all required building regulations we work closely with an approved building inspector. This allows us to ‘pre-approve’ your mezzanine floor application and commence the build as soon as the building notice has been submitted and acknowledged.

Fire rated mezzanine floor
Blackburn Distribution Storage Mezzanine



Just like any other building work, mezzanine floors must conform to current UK building regulations. We make sure that your mezzanine floor complies with these regulations by working closely with an approved building inspector. By doing this, it allows us to ‘pre-approve’ your mezzanine floor application and begin construction as soon as the building notice has been submitted and acknowledged.

This process usually takes about a week. Then, once your mezzanine floor installation is complete, the inspector will visit your premises to ensure that it has been constructed with the agreed plans in mind and will then sign it off and issue you with your certificate.

For mezzanine floors that are required to be fire rated, the building inspector will also be accompanied by a fire officer, so that they can check that the structure complies with fire safety regulations.

Building control are responsible for making sure the scheme meets current regulations. They are looking at occupancy levels, travel distances to staircase and fire escapes, as well as smoke detection and emergency lighting


It’s very unusual for a mezzanine floor to require planning permission, but it’s vital that they meet the relevant building regulations; BS5950 part 1 and BS6399 part 5. These regulations cover important safety features such as fire escapes, fire protection and smoke detectors.

We have the experience and expertise when it comes to ensuring we meet the correct building regulations for mezzanine floor projects. So no matter if you require additional office, storage or production space, when you use Nexus for your mezzanine flooring requirements, we guarantee that we’ll always comply with these regulations.

If you would like information regarding planning permission or information regarding whether or not mezzanine floors are subjected to building rates please feel free to contact us.


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