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Our latest project involves the design and installation of two office mezzanine floors for a leader in renewable energy at their premises in Hull.

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We are in the process of creating two office mezzanine floors for a leader in the renewable energy market at their premises in Hull. The project is to be completed in two stages, with the smaller mezzanine of the two being constructed first.

The brief is to create additional office space for the company’s production team and also create a workshop area underneath the second mezzanine. The second and larger mezzanine will also include a meeting room.

We are implementing all aspects of the project including fire rating, lighting, heating, power and data. It will take seven weeks to complete both mezzanines, with the second project to start a couple of months after the first.

Construction Site Setup
Mezzanine Construction Underway
Mezzanine Column Construction
Mezzanine Floor Progressing
Mezzanine Purlins Installed
Mezzanine Steels Completed
Fire Rating Installation
Fire Rating Nearing Completion

During week two, the structure of the new office facilities are nearing the end, with the walls, fire rating and door and window cut out’s all complete. The staircase running along the outside of the new office mezzanine is installed and alongside that, we install the lights on the outside of the mezzanine. During this week, we also make a start on installing the suspended ceiling on both the ground and first floor.


New Office Mezzanine Facilities
New Mezzanine Staircase
Office Facilities On Mezzanine
New Office Mezzanine Floor


In the last week of the first mezzanine floor installation, the suspended ceilings are completed and all lighting, power, data and heating facilities are installed. The interior walls are decorated and the carpet tiles are laid down. All doors are then installed to complete the first office mezzanine floor.

A couple of months later and construction begins on the second office mezzanine floor for our client. First things first, once the site is all set up from a health and safety perspective, we erect the mezzanine columns and purlins. Once this process is complete we deck the mezzanine.

During the fifth week we complete the installation of all the required fire rating to the mezzanine structure, this includes the fascia and the column cases. We also make a start on installing the suspended ceiling below the mezzanine floor. Lighting is required below to accommodate the new  production facilities that will be situated there.

The office facilities on top of the mezzanine will include a four person office and a meeting room. During week five, we start to create those new facilities through the installation of solid partitioning.


Second Mezzanine Constructions Begins
Forklift Constructing Mezzanine
Mezzanine Construction Taking Shape
Mezzanine Decking Installed
Mezzanine Partitions Going Up
Office Mezzanine Floor Construction
Office Mezzanine Partitions Nearly Complete
Meeting Room Construction
Meeting Room Nearing Completion
Mezzanine Floor Staircase
Finishing Touches To Mezzanine
New Office Mezzanine Floor Facilities
Office Mezzanine Floor Hull
Office Mezzanine Construction Nears End


We would love to be able to help create workspaces for businesses throughout the whole of the UK but unfortunately we can’t. The extra cost to you and the fact that we wouldn’t be able to manage your project to our high standards means that we must set a limit for how far we can work. The area we cover is highlighted to the right. As you can see, we essentially work as far North as Newcastle and as far South as Birmingham. So if your business is situated in an area we cover, get in touch today to discuss your plans for your new workspace.

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