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Warehouse Fit Out – Lubbering Project Update

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Our latest project is a warehouse fit out for Lubbering, who are the leading manufacturer of high precision tools in the fastening and drilling technology sector.

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We are implementing a warehouse fit out for a manufacturer of high precision tools in the fastening and drilling technology sector, who’s products are utilised worldwide, predominantly in aircraft and automobile assembly stations. Lubbering are looking to expand their UK arm and have identified an empty warehouse that requires fitting out before they move in.

The project involves the transformation of all the empty space within the warehouse into office and technical facilities. Once the project is complete, Lubbering will have office space, meeting rooms, technical areas, tea points and storerooms. These new facilities will be created through the installation of a mix of glass and solid partitioning.

We are also refurbishing the existing office space within the warehouse too, which consists of a small reception area, meeting room, kitchen and WC area. We are installing a new kitchen, new toilets and also giving the area a general face lift with decoration and new carpets throughout. The ten week project is completely turn-key with Nexus taking care of each and every aspect from design through to installation.


First of all we mark out all the new walls in line with the construction drawings. Then we lay down the steel floor tracks which create the outline of the partition runs. Once they are fixed to the floor, we start to install the vertical posts and head tracks section by section to complete the outline of the new facilities.

Next we cut out the plasterboards to the right size and fix them to the steels that are now in place. This creates the solid partitioning sections and the outlines for the glazing and doors that are to be installed at a later date. In the first week we are also carrying out all strip out works that are required in regards to the existing facilities, to get them ready for refurbishment.

In the second week of the project we install the lighting for the new technical areas out in the warehouse. The first fix of the new air conditioning and plumbing facilities are also completed. Near the end of the week we install the c-sections above the partitioning, which provides additional structural rigidity and will also be utilised to hang the suspended ceilings from.

Marking Out Partitions At Lubbering
Partition Install Commences At Lubbering
Office Partitioning Install For Lubbering
Open Plan Office Build
Lighting Install At Lubbering
C Section Install On Partitioning
Kitchen Install At Lubbering
New Lighting For Lubbering

Heading into week three and it’s a week of first fixes, with the first fix for the plumbing, lighting, air con and power and data being carried out. The tape jointing of the new partition walls begins as week four rolls around. The first coat is applied and then sanded down in preparation for decoration at a later date. The suspended ceiling strongbox installation is completed and the ceiling grid starts to go in.

The joinery works start in week five with the skirting installation throughout being completed. The ceiling grid is also finished off this week and the second fix of the air conditioning, extraction and door entry supplies are concluded. As week six begins, the decoration of the new walls begins with the application of the first coat of the emulsion. We also prime, undercoat and gloss the skirting throughout.

More strip out works are carried out in the existing facilities with the existing kitchen worktop, skirting and vinyl flooring removed. The screed is applied for the flooring in the existing facilities and the new vinyl flooring is laid down and completed with a cap and cove finish. 

The new kitchens are installed in both the newly created and existing office facilities. Week six is certainly a busy one with the second fix of the plumbing also being carried out, which includes the installation of the new WC pans and cisterns, new sinks in the WC’s and saniflow units for the new kitchens.

The second fix of the electrics is also carried out with the installation of the light fittings, switching and the compartmental trunking throughout. Week seven begins with the installation of the new carpet tiles in both the existing and new facilities. We also prime, undercoat and gloss the skirting throughout.

The installation of the suspended ceilings and insulation begins as the second fix of the air conditioning, ventilation, extraction, plumbing, fire alarms and smoke detection completes.


Lubbering Warehouse Fit Out
Office Fit Out At Lubbering
Lubbering's New Kitchen Area
New Office Space For Lubbering
Lubbering New Office Facilities
Warehouse Fit Out Lubbering
Lubbering's New Office Space
Lubbering Kitchen Facilities


With the project nearing it’s conclusion, we share a sneak peek behind the scenes as the project enters it’s seventh week. With the carpet tiles installed, it’s time for the second fix of the electrics, air conditioning and plumbing.


We’re nearing the end of the warehouse fit out project for Lubbering and as we enter it’s eight week, the new glass partition’s are finished off with the installation of the glass doors. The finishing coat of emulsion is applied to all the new walls throughout, whilst the insulation and suspended ceiling installation is also completed.

Elsewhere within the warehouse, the new timber doors are all hung and furnished. The second fix of the trunking is completed and with that, the installation of all the new power and data supplies are also complete. The new distribution board is installed near the end of the week.

Lubbering Sales Office Partitioning
Lubbering Kitchen
Lubbering Warehouse Fit Out
Lubbering Technical Area Partitioning


This is where we’re up to so far on the project, but keep checking back each week to see more pictures, videos and updates on where we are up to with the build.

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