Western Automation are on the move to a brand new warehouse premises in Leeds. But before they move in, we need to create their new facilities for them.

The majority of new warehouses are sold or leased to clients as an empty shell and that’s where the service we provide comes in. We design and create office, storage and production facilities through the implementation of mezzanine floor based solutions.

Mezzanine floors are ideal for businesses moving into a new warehouse due to their bespoke nature, essentially allowing them to create whatever facilities they need and in Western Automation’s case, they require both office and storage space.

However initially they only approached us to provide them with a storage mezzanine floor solution. During the initial brief from them we discovered that they were looking to implement a more traditional block and beam office solution too.

We suggested to them that we could create their office solution through the design and installation of a mezzanine floor. We explained that it would seamlessly match up with their existing office block and with the new storage mezzanine too.

We were given 24 hours to come up with a mezzanine design and return it to the client. The new layout coupled with the fact it was more cost effective and quicker to install than the brick and beam solution ensured that they chose our design instead.

The mezzanine floor design involves the creation of a ground floor office for up to eight employees, a breakout area for everyone to relax in, a kitchen and an additional WC. We are also creating a knock through from the existing office block on the ground floor to create an open plan feel to the new facilities. Whilst on top of the mezzanine we are creating a meeting room, another breakout area and three individual offices.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to building regulations, fire regulations and health and safety when it comes to designing a mezzanine floor facility. On this project, the new mezzanine floor facilities will exceed more than 20% of the footprint of the building so the mezzanine and dividing jumbo wall between the office facilities and the rest of the warehouse will have to be fire rated up to one hour. As will all the windows and doors to be installed in it too.

There are cases where the 20% rule does not apply and this is when the building is smaller than 288 square metres, however on this project the warehouse is larger than that. However as the storage mezzanine floor facilities won’t have people working above or below and will be used purely for storage purposes, it doesn’t have to be fire rated.

As part of the project we are also providing all of the warehouse lighting, air conditioning and power and data. As we are a full turnkey solutions provider, we often provide this and much more on all our projects, so if your business is on the move and you are on the lookout for a mezzanine floor and warehouse fit out solutions provider, get in touch today. We are the experts in designing and building mezzanine floor solutions that work.


Western Automation Mezzanine Being Built
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