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We are implementing an office and storage mezzanine floor project for the premier distributor of HVAC, commercial heating spares and electrical automation in Yorkshire

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We are currently in the process of implementing an office and storage mezzanine floor design and build project for the leading distributor of HVAC, commercial heating spares and electrical automation in Yorkshire. Western Automation are on the move to a brand new warehouse premises in Leeds. But before they move in to their empty warehouse, they need us to create their new facilities.

The project will involve the creation of a 107 square metre storage mezzanine floor and an office mezzanine floor totalling 70 square metres. On the ground floor we are creating a knock through to their existing office facilities, giving the offices a nice open plan feel. This will create a ground floor office for up to eight employees. Rounding out the ground floor facilities we are creating a breakout area, a kitchen and an additional WC.

Whilst on top of the mezzanine floor we are a creating a large meeting room, another breakout area and three individual offices. The project will take nine weeks to complete and as part of the project we are also providing all warehouse lighting, air conditioning, power and data.


Once the site is set up in regards to the CDM regulations to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site, we get to work on creating the knock through in their existing ground floor office block. By utilising a structural engineer we calculated the size of the lintel required to ensure we created the biggest knock through that we could. The process involves acrow propping the opening, chiseling through the wall, knocking out the breeze blocks, installing the lintel and finishing off the edges.

Once this is complete, the mezzanine floor materials are delivered to Western Automation’s new warehouse. The rest of the first week consists of installing the office mezzanine floor steels and laying down the decking, ensuring that the new office mezzanine floor matches up with the roof of their existing office block.

Lintel Installed at Western Automation
Mezzanine Floor Build At Western Automation
Decking & Fascia Install
Office & Storage Mezzanine For Western Automation
Fork Lift Truck Driver Installing Mezzanine
Western Automation Office Mezz Build
Office Mezzanine Steels Erected
Mezzanine Decking Install Western Automation


The cameras were there for the delivery of the mezzanine floor and to see it’s construction begin. Our Project Manager Simon was on site to take delivery and to ensure that the construction process started smoothly.

At the beginning of week two we make a start on installing the 107 square metre storage mezzanine floor. Whilst underneath the office mezzanine floor that is now erected, we start to install the suspended ceilings followed by the ventilation and air conditioning facilities.

Plumbing works commence including all waste pipes and cold water supplies and by the end of the week, the storage mezzanine floor is complete with handrails, pallet gate and the lighting underneath. We also complete the installation of a bespoke florescent lighting layout above the storage mezzanine floor and around the outside of the office mezzanine floor.

Heading into week three and the perimeter walls are going up for the office mezzanine floor. These are standard stud and track walls that form the ground floor office, WC and kitchen area. This week we are also fire rating the mezzanine floor and plastering the internal side of the perimeter walls.


Storage Mezzanine Build Western Automation
Office Build Western Automation
Storage Mezzanine Decking Western Automation
Perimeter Wall Install
Western Automation Partitioning
First Floor Perimeter Wall
Perimeter Wall Nearing Completion
Western Automation Week Three
Western Automation Storage Space
Storage Mezzanine at Western Automation
Corridor Build
Ground Floor Office Facilities Taking Shape
Western Automation Nearing Completion
Meeting Room Build Western Automation
Ground Floor Office Build
Office Mezzanine Floor Bulkhead Completion

In week nine, the joinery work commences. This comprises of the installation of all the ground floor and first floor door frames, doors, window frames and the laminated skirting. Near the end of the week we complete the installation of the ground floor kitchen and the trade counter in the reception area.

Heading into week ten and we complete the project with the installation of the flooring throughout. We screed the floor and lay down the vinyl flooring in the ground floor kitchen and WC area. We install the carpet tiles on the ground and first floor and finish up with the installation of the barrier matting on the staircase.

Western Automation now have the new facilities they required to help to take them to the next level. An office mezzanine floor consisting of three individual offices, a meeting room and breakout area on the first floor. Whilst on the ground floor, the new facilities include an open plan office, kitchen and WC area. Elsewhere in the warehouse they now have the storage space needed to store their products through the installation of a storage mezzanine floor.


Office Mezzanine Floor Western Automation
Storage Mezzanine Floor For Western Automation
Western Automation Corridor
New Office Facilities at Western Automation


The project is now complete and Western Automation are up and running in their new premises. We sat down with their General Manager Nik Billingham to discuss the process of working with Nexus and how the new facilities will help to transform Western Automation’s business operations as a whole.



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