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Our client Northern Flags, the team responsible for delivering the branding to Le Tour De Yorkshire and the 2016 FA Cup Final, are on the move and we have been tasked with fitting out their new office and warehouse premises.

We previously installed a storage mezzanine floor and created a production room at their existing premises in Leeds. This development allowed Northern Flags to start production in the UK, instead of having to import products from their European and Far East production facilities, for their clients.

However with an increase in employee numbers and customer demand since we completed that project, the time has come for them to move. Once Iain Clasper, the Managing Director of Northern Flags started to look at new premises, he invited David, our Sales Director along with him, to ensure they chose the right premises.

Northern Flags were planning on purchasing new printing machines from overseas, so we ensured that we discovered the dimensions of these machines to make sure we were assessing the available space accurately.

Once Northern Flags settled on a premises, we created a full design of the buildings interior which included a new office layout, machinery layout and a racking and packing bench layout. The new premises will include two new kitchen areas, a breakout area, open plan office space, a temperature controlled production area and packing bays.

Work started this week on site and this first week will consist of the first fixings of the electrics, the knocking through of the walls to create door openings and putting down the floor protection to prevent any damage or dust.

In the coming weeks we will be installing a suspended ceiling above the production area and installing air conditioning to ensure it is temperature controlled. We will be configuring the power in the building to ensure it is suitable for their new machinery and also installing a rapid roller shutter door between the two warehouse areas.

The project will also involve the installation of all power and data for the office facilities, a fire alarm system, door entry system and CCTV. We are acting as the Principal Contractor on the project, so we are overseeing all contractors on site and ensuring all work is carried out safely and correctly.

Keep an eye on our site and social media channels for updates regarding this project and our others. If you are looking to move premises and require the premises fitting out to your requirements, we can help. Contact us today either via 0113 831 3303 email or via our live chat.


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