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Here at Nexus we have worked with Audio Technica on numerous occasions, to fit out their Leeds premises. We have worked throughout their whole building, providing our fit out and refurbishment solutions. However this time the project involves the design and installation of an office mezzanine floor solution within their warehouse.

This is certainly the biggest project we have carried out for Audio Technica to date. The project has come about due to their growth as a company. They have been growing rapidly and need new office space fast. That’s why an office mezzanine floor is the ideal solution for them. They get the office space they require quickly, without the stress, cost and time associated with a move to another premises.

The new office mezzanine floor had to be designed to adjoin to Audio Technica’s existing office space on the first floor. This will be achieved through the implementation of a knock through, creating easy access between the two areas.

The mezzanine floor will provide the additional office space for 14 new desks and a breakout area/meeting room. This will be ideal for Audio Technica’s new employees. We are providing a full turn key solution which includes the installation of all lighting, electrical, power and data requirements.

The real challenge for any project like this is implementing the build around a busy warehouse. In this instance we built the mezzanine floor and dividing wall on the weekends. This is because Audio Technica’s employees needed to carry on working in the area below the mezzanine. We have installed a suspended ceiling complete with a lighting layout underneath the mezzanine to light up the area for them.

The project is due to take around twelve weeks to complete and we will be looking to sit down and talk with the Managing Director of Audio Technica on completion to discuss the project. Keep an eye out for the project’s case study in the coming weeks.

If your business is growing and you require additional space within your warehouse for more office, storage or production space, we are the experts in making mezzanine spaces work.


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