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Work started today in Leeds on our storage mezzanine floor project for the custom merchandise designers and manufacturers Awesome Merchandise. Since 2005, Awesome Merchandise have been slowly growing from a part time university job for founder Luke whilst at University to the full scale operation that it is today.

With over 30 employees, Awesome Merchandise have come a long way from humble beginnings and it’s due to that expansion that they looked to purchase the premises next door to their current warehouse. The newly acquired premises has nearly doubled their available space, going from an 11,000 square foot building to one that is 18,500 square foot. But before they could start utilising the space, it needed to be fitted out to their requirements.

This is where we at Nexus come in. One of the major issues Awesome Merchandise have been faced with due to the growth of their business, is available space for the storage of their stock. They wanted to utilise an area within their new premises for this very purpose and had heard about the benefits of a mezzanine floor, so looked to find a contractor that could provide them with a solution.

They found Nexus on Google and from that moment on, we conducted a site survey, designed their new space and are now beginning the process of building it. The project is due to take one week and involves the installation of a 2000 square foot storage mezzanine floor and a staircase for access. Awesome Merchandise will be populating this space with racking and using it to not only store their products, but also using it as a pick and pack area too.

The length of the project is even more good news for Awesome Merchandise, because it means that they can benefit from the new facilities as quickly as possible and carry on making even more fantastic products for their clients.

If you are in a similar situation to Awesome Merchandise and you require more storage space within your warehouse, get in touch today, we’d be happy to help.


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