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Fitting out a warehouse with a mezzanine floor solution is becoming popular for many businesses throughout the UK, therefore there are a growing number of companies that can implement the project for you.

Whether you are implementing a mezzanine floor for office, storage or production space, selecting the right mezzanine fit out contractor is very important to ensure that your project goes as smoothly as possible.

With all projects of this nature, there are a few important aspects to consider before choosing your mezzanine floor fit out contractor. Therefore I will be covering three important things to look out for, which will hopefully help you to make the right choice.

  1. A Fit Out Contractor That Provides You With A Site Survey, Designs and Quotation For Free

The overall cost of any project like this will be an important factor when selecting your chosen fit out contractor. Therefore you will want to avoid any costs that you don’t have to make, that’s why it’s important to find a contractor that will only charge you for the solution itself.

Unfortunately, many businesses assume that they need to go to an architect for them to design their fit out solution for them, however this is not the case. There are mezzanine floor fit out contractors out there who have the expertise in house to be able to design your new space accurately.

They are also more likely to understand how a mezzanine floor works and how the floor should be designed. For example, where to place the columns if you are using the floor for office space above and below the floor. Or whether your warehouse floor needs to be piled to withstand the weight being placed on your mezzanine if using it for production or storage purposes.

Many architects do not understand mezzanine floor based solutions, so it can often be an additional cost that you don’t need to incur. It’s far more cost effective to find a contractor that takes care of your project from design through to implementation.

Be careful however as there are also mezzanine fit out contractors that will charge you for a site survey and to create your mezzanine drawings for you. So be sure to ask the question when you approach any potential contractor.

    2. Transparency With Their Costs

Any fit out contractor worth their salt will be transparent with how much your project will cost and where each cost lies. The last thing you need when implementing a mezzanine floor project is any hidden costs surfacing once the project starts, more or less forcing you into paying more to ensure the project is completed.

This is a nightmare situation, that no client want’s to be in and one that no client should be in either. Therefore to avoid such a situation you want to find a contractor that will be up front about their costs and will attribute everything within your quote to an individual cost.

Not all contractors will do this, so identifying one that does is a real plus point and will ensure that you are in a much better situation going forward with your project. If they do, it not only highlights where each cost lies for you but it also shows that they are confident in their prices and they believe you are getting a good deal.

Here at Nexus, we are so confident in our prices that we often say to our clients, they are free to remove the prices off our itemised quotes and use them as a tender of sorts to ask other contractors to price against their requirements.

A good idea would be to ask one of your chosen contractors to do the same, if they are confident in their prices they should be willing to do so. This puts you in the ideal situation to then go forward with your chosen contractor, based on the price and the way that they work.

    3.  An In-House Installation Team

Ideally, you want to find a mezzanine floor contractor that takes care of your project from start to finish, from design to implementation. They will understand your needs and your project more intimately than a company that sub-contracts either the design or implementation of your mezzanine floor project.

A contractor that has their own installation team also ensures that the cost of your project is kept lower, as there is no need for them to pay sub-contractors to carry out the work. Often with many mezzanine floor projects, there is also the need for electrical or plumbing requirements.

More often than not, the contractor you work with will sub-contract these aspects. However there are contractors out there that will have this expertise in house and these are the contractors that you want to work with. It’s easy to find this information out, often it will be stated on their website or if not a quick question when you contact them, will set your mind at ease.

Finding a contractor with an in-house design and installation team is the ideal scenario, because of the synergy between the two teams, your project is likely to run more smoothly. At Nexus, we design all our projects in house and prepare the drawings for our installation team to build our clients solutions from. This ensures no confusion on site, allowing the project to be implemented how it should be.


Finding the right mezzanine floor contractor can seem like a daunting and complicated task, you want to ensure that they are value for money and are a professional firm that will implement your project without a hitch.

Therefore the best way to approach it is to find out if they can offer you the three aspects that I have discussed here and that’s then a good starting point to move forward with choosing the right contractor for you and your needs.


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