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Storage mezzanine floor project for the UK's leading wide format printer.


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Northern Flags


Northern Flags are the leader in designing and manufacturing wide format prints for businesses in the UK. They have been responsible for delivering the branding for major sporting events such as Euro 2012, the London 2012 Olympic games, the 2016 FA Cup Final and the Tour de Yorkshire.

Historically, Northern Flags had their products imported from their factories across Europe and the Far East. However over time, their clients have increasingly wanted a quicker turnaround and samples prior to order. To satisfy their clients needs, Northern Flags started to look into starting production in the UK within their Leeds based warehouse.

They required a solution that was cost effective and quick to implement. The solution needed to be designed and implemented by one contractor because as Iain Clasper, Managing Director of Northern Flags put it ‘we were so busy, we really didn’t have the brain space to think how we could best use the space’.


The solution for Northern Flags was the design and installation of a storage mezzanine floor with a temperature controlled print room underneath. This solution allows Northern Flags to still take advantage of the storage space they previously had within the building’s footprint, but they have gained a production room, without the need to move or expand.

The production room was created through the installation of demountable partitioning underneath the storage mezzanine floor. To enable the temperature controlled room, we installed a suspended ceiling underneath the mezzanine to house the air conditioning that regulates the temperature.

The project involved all aspects including electrics, lighting, windows and a pallet gate to enable Northern Flags to populate the mezzanine.

“Working with Nexus was really easy. We were so busy, we didn’t really have the brain space to think about how we could best use the building. They were quite innovative with their solutions.”


‘Working with Nexus was easy, they came in, we did a walk around survey together and looked at some of the difficulties that this building would face, when establishing a mezzanine. They were quite innovative with some of their solutions.’

‘They kept us on the right track where building regulations and health and safety regulations were concerned and it allowed us to proceed with the project really really quickly. I’m a Scotsman running a business in Yorkshire, we were a bit tight, so the negotiation was also good as well, we felt we got really good value.’

‘We did speak to one or two other suppliers, I have to say Nexus were head and shoulders above the others in terms of the speed of the turnaround but also the confidence we got, dealing with them.’ Iain Clasper, Managing Director, Northern Flags


The new facilities have completely transformed the way that Northern Flags operates. They now have a facility that allows them to produce their products in house and within the UK, rather than relying on imports from their production facilities around Europe and in the Far East. 

They can now meet their clients demand for samples before ordering and also the quick turnaround that their clients were demanding. ‘A couple of things did go wrong and I think that’s where you can tell if a company is good or not, because we had a couple of little teething issues after we went live in the building, but Nexus were back on site within 24 hours with every single one of those things, which is one of the reasons why I wouldn’t hesitate to give a recommendation for them.’ – Iain Clasper, Managing Director, Northern Flags.

We wish Northern Flags all the best in their new facilities and we hope to work with them again in the future. If you require new facilities within your premises, contact us today and we’ll arrange to visit your premises and conduct a site survey.

“Working with Nexus was easy, they were innovative with their solutions and they kept us on the right track when it came to health and safety and building regulations. They were head and shoulders above the others”

Iain ClasperManaging Director, Northern Flags


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